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Dragons Dogma was an awesome game, it wasn't perfect but it was good fun. DD: Dark Arisen added some great new content to the original but on its own it was simply "good". Capcom is considering a sequel to DD, I'm hoping that it will fix the in-perfect aspects and completely fix all the flaws. For a start I hope that the map is bigger, the map on the first game is huge but it sometimes feels like you're running through a load of rat runs. A bigger and more explorable map complete with a more reliable travel system would be great. It would also be great if there are more vocations and more abilities, it was also annoying how your pawns couldn't use hybrid vocations. And speaking of pawns, I hope they improve the AI and fix the repeating dialogue (If Clio says "what a large tree" one more time, I'm gunna throw her into the sea!) I sometimes thought that you actually level up to quickly in DD, Cyclopes are fun to fight, but after you pass level thirty they can be killed in as many seconds, same with Griffins and Chimeras. It would be nice if either you level up slower so you can enjoy fighting them for longer, or they add stronger versions of them. Yes, it does have Gore Chimeras but even they can be killed easily after a while, same can be said for Cockatrices and Gore Cyclopes (Gore Cyclopes are unique to DD: Dark Arisen). In short, add more enemies to keep the game's difficulty from dropping into easy.

I mentioned before that a more reliable travel system would be great, well mounts would solve the travel system problem. There are no horses in DD which is a real shame because horse combat would be great in this game (imagine you and your pawns riding around an enraged cyclops firing arrows and magic at it). It is possible the geography of Gransys means that there is not allot of areas that could allow horses, so a lack of horses in DD can be forgiven but in a DD sequel horses would be great.

The Story of Dragons Dogma was not told very well. (If you haven't played Dragons Dogma then this will be some big spoilers for you) You spent allot of time doing things that had nothing to do with the dragon such as fighting Goblins, dealing with criminals, and hunting down large beasts. The closest it came to the dragon was when you were dealing with salvation, a group of heretics who worshiped the dragon. Then in the middle of the quest where you fight salvation the dragon shows up and says how its time to fight him. Then after you kill the dragon everything changes and you are sent down into the EverFall. After you properly kill the final boss the game comes to an ending that doesn't make sense, I didn't understand what happened until I had completed the game for the seventh time and played through Dark arisen! So from the sequel I hope to see a much better story. Dragons Dogma's story was unique and had great ideas but it didn't tell the tale very well.

Like I said, Dragons Dogma is a great game, I hope that if Capcom go through with this sequel they will apply these changes to it. But hey I thought of it so I suppose they must have thought of it as well. So, If you bothered to actually read any of this why not comment? You would be doing me a favor because no one has commented on anything I have done since the move to the new Gamespot and I would like to know if its an actual problem with my computer or if its because you've been forgetting about me!

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If they do a sequel, they must remove or alter the pawns in significant ways. They need to talk much less, have better AI, and they need to remove the ability to make loli (very young looking) pawns. Those are just creepy and perverted.

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I wouldn't mind a sequel, especially if it came with nice improvements but first I need to go back into the first game.

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My only real gripe with the game was that it didn't have any kind of difficulty slider or scaling enemies. Within my 2nd or 3rd playthrough I'm pretty much one-shotting everything, and it took the fun out of it. There are plenty of western games that not only allow but expect players to go through a second and third time with all their accumulated gear, levels, etc, and they don't have this problem. Typical example of a dev not looking at similar entries in the genre to avoid mistakes that don't have to made. Was really fun, though.

I didn't have a huge issue with the AI. I found spellcasters useless because of the spells that people often assigned to them. Maybe this comes from playing star ocean, but it often works better if you have your AI controlling a small set of fast-use, fast-recharge/ low-cost skills. The majority of time, the issue with casters in particular is that people would assign heavy attack skills with long casting times and huge stamina costs and often Me and the striders would have enemies down before it was cast. Even if the spell does get cast, it costs so much stamina that it limits the mages performance in the fight, since they recharge the slowest of all the classes.

Class balance was probably a bigger issue and the fact that magic classes require you to be a bit more thoughtful inherently means the AI, even good AI, is going to struggle to use them compared to other classes. Personally I brought my own healer pawn with two striders and found they were quite competent.