Dragon's Dogma Feral Cape, a black Direwolf cape.

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#1 Posted by Shifter0351 (2 posts) -
So the server was down and i was looking at the ingame created pawns for offline users. I noticed one had a black direwolf cape just like the white one only BLACK!!! So I looked at his inventory and it said "Feral Cape." Anyone seen this ingame? Know how to get it? Im lvl. 74 in the post game. I dont want to start new game + until i have it for my pawn Kyra. Also another one had a red surcoat called a "royal surcoat" so there has to be a ton of armors i havent found yet.
#2 Posted by _Judas_ (671 posts) -
Hey, Shifter0351. The game DOES feature lots and lots of armor equipment. How many pieces of individual equipment, I do not know, but I do know that there is a trophy/achievement for obtaining 350 pieces of armor. Sorry to let you down, but I haven't seen this perticular item, but I believe I have seen the Royal Surcoat. Maybe I even have it in my storage, I don't really know :p I like the fact that you can choose one piece of armor and one piece of clothing for the characters to wear.