Does anyone remember playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

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I used to love that game on the Nintendo systems, can't remember exactly which one though. Have they ever remade it on the 360 or any other console? The current systems (non pc) are seriously lacking in the strategy/simulation department.
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romance of th ethree kindoms XI is on the ps2 and wii

believe the DS has romance also and the ps2 has like 5-11

but the last one i played all the way thought was wall of fire which i think was number 4

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Dynasty Warriors...?
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Dynasty Warriors...?tjoeb123

ah,nintendo DS..sorry

there is romance of the three kingdoms DS 1-3..but i have only heard about them and never seen them,also i guess iOS has like 2 games too..just found out about those but i don't have a ipad

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Ah yes, wonderful games! I've personally played 7,8, and 10 with 10 being in my oppinion the best turn based strategy game of all time. I do however hope to play the newer ones eventually.

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Yeah it was fantastic in Thailand especially when i was in
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Gents, there was a new Romance game sent out ~2 yrs ago on the PC. It was well received by the community. It was a download only game bought from Direct to Drive. Although I've never posted on Gamespot, I assure you that the game has my seal of approval and is worth the money.

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I played games in the ROTK series on the Nintendo and MS-DOS back in the late 80's. I currently play on the iPad. I am Liu Bei and steal the smartest generals from the other provinces early in the game.