Does anyone like these Final Fantasy cosplay?

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#1 Posted by gemerry (7 posts) -

Is there anybody love Final Fantasy cosplay at the same time love Final fantasy game? Tell me the true feeling about Final fantasy cosplay pictures?

Final Fantasy Tina cosplay

Final Fantasy Tifa cosplay

Final Fantasy lightning cosplay

By the way, all these cosplay costume can be found at:

#2 Posted by Archangel3371 (15971 posts) -

Sure. I love the games and I really enjoy checking out the cosplay outfits. There's a lot of amazing stuff out there.

#3 Posted by blamix99 (2441 posts) -

that Lightning hair is so cool

#4 Posted by ShepardCommandr (2989 posts) -


Lots of sexy cosplayers out there....

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Heck Yeah.... that's good stuff.