Does anyone else still play Skyrim?

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#51 Posted by BoromiRwcgeorge (25 posts) -
I have hundreds of hours in Skyrim without ever completing the campaign.Open world games are my favorite and I love to just walk around and explore and do whatever without really paying attention to the story.I did get bored after my first character was level 40 and stopped playing fow awhile than started up again.I did recently start a new character.A dark elf that I want to play stealth/thief type instead of my usual warrior kill em all.Elder Scrolls and Fallout games are the ones I will always play for years to come.williebazerka
pretty much same situation with me. but i play with around ~150 gameplay/graphics mods etc etc. its absolutely another game compared to vanilla skyrim...
#52 Posted by TheMagiDuchess (25 posts) -
I took it back within a week. I just couldn't get into it.
#53 Posted by Alex-Gopson (25 posts) -
I still sink a few hours into Skyrim every week, and it's still an interesting and engaging game.
#54 Posted by Neyska (25 posts) -

I still play off and on. Got Dawnguard a while back and only just started it. Haven't downloaded the Dragonborn DLC yet.

#55 Posted by gavdann (25 posts) -

I loved it and sunk somewhere around 150-200 hours in to my character but after completing all of the main quests, side quests, daedric quests, levelling up more than was needed, suiting out in daedric armour, etc, etc it didn't present any more kind of challenge. The last quest I did (Dark Brotherhood) was a cake walk even on master difficulty. The buffs were so high with all of my additional smithing and enchantment perks that I was one shotting everything with my daedric bow. Even ancient dragons weren't any kind of challenge. Don't get me wrong though, gaining those perks was just as much fun as the quests themselves. I suppose I could have created a new character but I'd become jaded with the game by then. Maybe one day! :-D

Instead I started playing the ultimate edition of dragon age: origins and found playing that much more of a challenge and essentially more rewarding. If you guys haven't played it yet, I'd seriously recommend finding a copy. It has masses of content. It's tough (in places very tough) but a thoroughly engaging story and fun strategic combat system.

After finishing that I was about to begin Dark Souls but felt like something a bit more action oriented so have just begun playing InFamous 2. A decent open world post-apoc adventure/shooter. I've also got Dishonored waiting on the shelf. So many games, so little time!!! :-p

#56 Posted by gavdann (25 posts) -


Got mine only a month back and its great. I tend to wait till all bugs and patches are fixed, less frustrations that way.


Bethesda games are never fixed though. If you waited for them to fully fix any of their games you'd still be waiting to play TES:Arena.

He raises a very valid point though. I do the same. It's an increasing problem for new games, with the devs forced to meet deadlines and rush releasing before they've been fully tested. And apparently Skyrim now is much, much better than it was at release. Not perfect but nearly perfect. I didn't get my copy until xmas 2011 but for the first few months PS3 users (especially) had it really bad. The game was collapsing after around 30 hours of gameplay before 1.3/1.4.

Bethesda games aren't the only ones though. Red Dead Redemption was riddled with glitching and lag to begin with. It's just the nature of the open world game beast. I personally think that some of the glitches add to the fun. In Read Dead there was some funny sh!t going on. Horses riding through the sky, people falling though the map, all sorts of weird and bizarre stuff.

#57 Posted by zombiedriveby (25 posts) -

My roommate and I still play almost daily ...He plays on PC and mods the hell out of it ....I play on the 360 ....but even after what has to be over 3-400 hours at least , I still find things I have never seen or side quest I have not completed yet , or even know about....I just hope there are a few more DLC coming out though ...

#58 Posted by phhoward (25 posts) -

OOOOOOOOOOOh yes. Play almost daily as well, just started new character, a Kajiit Spellsword (haven't played kitty race yet). And I've played both PC and Xbox 360 (about 10 run throughs) and I have to say PC is it for me. I LOVE the mods! Some say it's cheating, I say it's treasure. ;-)

#59 Posted by wazzap76 (293 posts) -
Put 320 hours into the game so no not anymore.
#60 Posted by mInDsHiFtEr (41 posts) -

Well, I actually don't play it that much. I haven't even really got into the dlc for it...but there's a reason. Put simply, it's the gameplay. Not too much difference from oblivion. I love the open world with different cities to explore, but the gameplay would enhance the feel of the environment. For instance, for a longsword and shield, you could have the controls set up like fight night...with a right overhand slash down diagonally for elder scrolls like the right hook set up in fight night. And if u land a blow it should actually show the blade cutting through, and u having to struggle to get it out. Different swings, different joystick movements. A forward lung could just be pushing up on the joystick. U could also add parries, and countergrabs (for abilities). Idk, thought it would be a good idea.

#61 Posted by BlueTurtz (25 posts) -

I Haven't played skyrim in a while actually, I beat dawnguard and I completed the vanilla game. I got all the achievements in the regular game, and after beating dawnguard I was left with feeling what can I do now? I'd Like to make another character but I want to continue with my level 60 character which is the only character I've ever used. I want to get near to max level so I can face legendary dragons but it takes too much time to rank up where i'm at

#62 Posted by fnevaeva (564 posts) -
Skyrim sucks. No acrobatics and no athletics=fail. Plus, it's very dumbed down now it seems compared to oblivion and ESPECIALLY Morrowind.
#63 Posted by fnevaeva (564 posts) -
Does anyone else still play morrowind? That's a more relevant question.DragoonBR
I do! Hell ya man. Morrowind>ALL
#64 Posted by zwr63 (25 posts) -
YES only because theres nothing else -im this was 2011 , Never played Mass effect so i just finished the triology. I have been so bored with whats available that after my first 300 hrs of Skyrim i got a ps3 and played 100 % of Dragon age O and2 ,Fallout3 and Vegas ,Witcher2. 300 HRS OF Skyrim on it until I realized they may never have dlc. Then i went to 360 and Mass Efffdct triology ,KOA, and now ME triology for ps3 . The developers keep pushing and wasting man hours on online crap.
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Same here Skyrim still is my go to game. I recently started a High Elf character after the disappointment of "The Last OF Us", I couldn't even count how many hours i have spent playing it. The best $60 i've spent. Most games i've bought in the past have been let downs. i Just hope ESO on line can live up to Skyrim, or hopefully a new single player ES game soon.

#67 Edited by 187umKILLAH (1414 posts) -

I bought the legendary edition about a month ago and am loving it, created an argonian who specializes in a variety of skills (light armour, 1h weps, archery, destruction) and got him to level 30 but now I've got an orc who I wanna deck out in heavy armour and use a 2 handed weapon. This game is great value for money, but it's a shame it's still a bit glitchy on PS3 as I've had it freeze a few times which was a hard lesson in saving often.

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I play ir from to time