Do you spend a lot of money on gaming?

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#1 Posted by Videodogg (12607 posts) -

Personally, i have spent close to $1,300 on my hobby in the last month, maybe more. I got a Wii U with 7 games, the PS Vita Assassins Creed Bundle, a new GTX680 graphics card for my PC, and pre-ordered/paid in full for the retro console, Neo Geo X Gold, plus assorted games like Far Cry 3 and other digital downloads. I think i went overboard just a bit, but i need to know there are others out there that are doing the same let me know i am not alone.

#2 Posted by Blabadon (28485 posts) -
I spent a lot of money I was saving up for replacing my iPhone on a lot of cheap games for the 360, Wii, PS3, PSP, and DS. Must have bought over 80 titles between the 3 recently.
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I would say that I spend a fair amount of money on gaming. On average it's about $200 a month.
#4 Posted by gameboy343 (1024 posts) -

not too much, i wait for price drops and sales.

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Not much.

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More than I should.

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5 finger discount, babeh.

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Not recently, but in general I do.
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Yes Sega Genesis/Mega Drive 36 Games, Snes 53 Games, NES 34 games, N64 36 games, GB/GBC 20 Games, DS 8 games, Playstation 57 games, Playstation portable 75 games, Playstation 2 58 games, Playstation 3 136 games, PSP go 11 games, Nintendo 3DS 3 games, Xbox 34 games, Gamecube 34 games, Xbox 360 48 games PSvita 20 games. Wii U 5 games.

So yep over the years I have spent a lot of money on gaming.

#10 Posted by Kage1 (6766 posts) -

I spend less that $100 a year on videogames.

#11 Posted by Apocalypse324 (1486 posts) -

Depending on the year (whether new consoles come out or not/ build a PC etc) I can average spending anywhere from $4,000-$7000 a year on game/gaming hardware.

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To be completely honest, I don't. I've hardly bought any games, especially when compared to the amount I've recieved as gifts or old games my brother simply left for me to have. It's crazy when I think about it because according to GS, my collection is valued at$5,157.

Though I certainly have been buying more games recently since a lot of titles have been catching my eye. I'd say I've spent well over $300 in the last 5 months on gaming.

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I spend quite a lot on gaming EVERY year. I probably buy 10-15 new titles a year plus DLC. Then throw in subscription fees to LIVE, my internet bill every month and purchasing new hardware such as kinect or move. The games are usually what i spend the most on. To limit the amount of money i am spending at one time i usually pre-order all my top games at the beginning of each year. So say i pre-order 10 games i will take 100 bucks and divide it between each game. Now whenever i have extra cash i will go and put down 5 or 10 bucks on each game in doing it this way by the time the game comes out i either have it payed off or only owe a couple bucks. That's just for the big name titles though. Sleeper hits usually come up at the worst time for me. Usually i will have to wait a little while before purchasing them.

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No more than 3 games a month, and that's very damn rare (only happened in November this year).

I'd say on a good year $1400 and on a weak lineup around $1000 a year on software. That's pretty good for a hobby I think, lot better than being on crack.

Of course this year I had to buy both a new 360 AND a new PS3 so that added up quite a bit. I had the fun of having both go on me and both being disc drives. I guess next year will be more if the new Xbox comes out, I certainly hope so!

#15 Posted by mikeyMKII (754 posts) -

Roughly $150 a year. Usually I go for discounted titles, and very rarely full price purchases.

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I don't spend enough actually. I'd love to get lots games but unfortunately have to buy stupid food and pay rent lol. I just recently got Pain Killer Black and Torchlight for PC but spent a good hour and a half going through Steam and GOG trying to pick out a set of 2 games for a total of 20 bucks because that was my limit and that really pisses me off. I've been wanting to pick up the Baldur's Gate games as well as Planescape and the Icewind Dales as I have yet to play them. I would also like to fund some kickstarters like the Unforgotten Quest one because there are some really interesting projects out there. I'd say nowdays I spend about 120 max every 2-3 months if that. I'm married so I can't really make my own choices anymore.

#17 Posted by sukraj (23979 posts) -

I've spent around £140 this year on games.

#18 Posted by jsmoke03 (13166 posts) -

in my gaming lifetime yes. but its been sporadic the last couple of years

#19 Posted by Angie7F (1175 posts) -

I dont think I do.

COmpared to other people who drink/ smoke/ play a sport/ gamble/ have kids/ like strip joints/ love cars I dont think i am spending more thatn they are on what they think brings joy to them.

If I did all or some of the mentioned, i will probably have to cut back on some catergories though.

#20 Posted by Canvas_Of_Flesh (4052 posts) -
More than I should, but less than I used to. After I stopped buying games on day one I realized how much cash I could save, so I usually only pick them up on sale or once they hit 20 dollars.
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No, I'd say I spend maybe $40 a month on average. I've got 55 or so games in a little over 3 years, at about $25 each on average, calculator says that's $38/month.

#22 Posted by shellcase86 (2077 posts) -

Not at all. I'm very thrifty. I buy a couple of games a year, rent some more and that's about it.

#23 Posted by PetJel (3724 posts) -
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. If I want something I buy it. But I don't throw my money at anything that looks 'allright'. I have a 150 game backlog anyway so buying new games is useless. I'd estimate my collection is worth between 5-10k. But that's from 15+ years of gaming.
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That's excluding hardware and pc upgrades over the years btw. Glitchspot won't let me edit my post.
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I've spent somewhere over $1000 this year on gaming, not counting the new rig I've built

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I limit myself to 60 a month... That's either one new game for the month or a couple used ones. It works pretty well if I want a new game that month I get it if nothing being released that month looks interesting I'll pick up a couple used games I still need to play.

#28 Posted by lensflare15 (6186 posts) -

When I have a lot of it to spend, definitely.

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My spending in inconsistent, but overall I've spent quite a bit on video games. I usually buy games and stuff online for a discount so I save a lot.
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In the big picture no I don't spend that much money on gaming. I'm getting older and only like certain stuff out there. So I'm casual about pick ups.

#31 Posted by Elutheria (286 posts) -
Nope. I do online rental, 2 games a month, keep as long as I like for £5.99 a month (about $8). I have never been the type to go back and play games much after I finish them, so it works for me.
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I don't know how much, but I do spend a lot of money on games.

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Not at all, I buy 5 games for year top.

#34 Posted by The-Gamer (109 posts) -

Not really considering it's one of my main hobbies.

#35 Posted by Flubbbs (3592 posts) -

i spend quite a bit every year on new games.. its hard for me to wait on price drops and stuff

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I used to spend A LOT of money on gaming, but over the past year I probably only spent around 500$ or so. Next year I plan to build a computer gaming rig, and I don't plan to skimp on it, so I can safely assume it will go up a bit.

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Back when I was in college and before that, I thought I was spending a lot on gaming.

Now I have a job such that I could not care how much I'm spending on games :cool:

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#39 Posted by luke1889 (14617 posts) -
I probably average about £40 per month maybe. Not as much these days as I used to.
#40 Posted by soapman72 (2714 posts) -

A lot

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I used to but now I have some great friends that work at some good stores and I really don't have to spend much money to play most games.I only buy the ones that will last, like farcry, skrim, halo....I do however spend alot of money on acrade games for XBL...
#42 Posted by wizdom (10105 posts) -
Yes, but nowhere near as much as before I try to spend under 1k on videogame stuff a year.
#43 Posted by almasdeathchild (8922 posts) -

yeah.i drop pre-orders every month i spend it on the dlc i like on the game.and once i beat those i get board with some of them and go and drop a load more cash on it's like 100$+ on a monthly basis and just isn't right

#44 Posted by VERTIGO47 (6356 posts) -

I spend less that $100 a year on videogames.



I buy my games usually at a price drop. As for the amount of games I buy in a year, it depends. For an entire year, I may buy 3-6 games, as long as they are dirt cheap.

#45 Posted by YoshiYogurt (5991 posts) -
Around $700 a a year, I'd say.