do you prefer single or multiplayer in a game?

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Hi there

just wonering if you guy's prefer a good solid fulfilling single player campaign or competitive multiplayer?

me i'm definately a single player kind of guy i prefer the sole relaxing experience of it, rather than the rushed/unreliable

elements of multiplayer. In my experience i always found people exploiting bugs within maps, camping, spending their seemingly entire

lives on these servers, and the repetitive tedious nature of basically just shooting each other, i understand the concept of multiplayer it's not

meant to have a engrossing storyline that's what the campaign mode is for, i also dislike it when developers subract the single player campaign in aid of a easy superficial online multiplayer.  another experience is for the game for asking me for further funding

to acquire extra maps and weapons, even simple material like team deathmatch, something in my opinion should of been accesible from the start.

plus the very reason why i play video games in the first place is to retreat from the tedium, worries and stresses of everyday mundane life and to get

away from people in general too, so it's counter-productive for me to play with other people. I also refuse to pay extra money for modes, weapons, and 

maps as well. There's no solid ranking system in my experience as well, and find it unfair. i do love a challenge though i prefer a higher difficulty but in

multiplayer just seems immoral almost.


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both important. the single player and the story is the memorable bit that will stay with the gamer for years if done right. but the online will probably account for most of the replay value
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both important. the single player and the story is the memorable bit that will stay with the gamer for years if done right. but the online will probably account for most of the replay value
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I'm also a single player fan. I'm not a fan of MP for all the reasons the OP stated, however, I do like a good Co-OP experience. I remember when Gears of War first came out and that was my first online CO-OP experience and I absolutely loved it. As for the glitches, bugs, camping and crap on CoD and Battlefield, I can do without that headache. Give me an Uncharted or Last of Us any day of the week and I'm golden.
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some very good points, i do however love co-operative story mode in games, that is fun, with the backbone that is the storyline to keep pace and things fun.

if i love a game like i'll state some recent ones like bioshock infinite and alan wake i'll complete generally speaking 3-5 times over, and yeah online multiplayer

still in it's foundation it's good but just really not for me, i recently bought g.o.w. judgement playing with bots is fun, reminds of the days of perfect dark and timesplitters future perfect. some good times indeed!!

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Single Player games.

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Multiplayer gazmac1384

no like single player

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Single for me. I don't have the time or money for live multiplayer
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Single Player. Always.

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I enjoy campain for the same reasons as everyone else. Don't have a lot of time to sit so multiple player is just frustrating. It's not like I'm about to play long enough to really get any of the addons so why even go there. In multiplayer it doesn't matter what mode you play there is no team work at all. Might as well be single player without the story line. Have played some organized coop and loved it.

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Not too keen on mp but i used to play alot of Halo 2 in Live on Xbox 1 (2001) and also on PC in GFWL. Lately been playing CS as mp game every now and then but i guess for now, it has mostly been sp.

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I am also in favour of the single player mode, can do without all the verbal hassle and everything mp entails.

there are very few games I have bought  that have no single player replay value, I have some very old games and still replay them.

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i usually play single player first after i complete it , it depend on the game and my mood to play mp. _______________________________ Crysis 3
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I'll recommend both single and also multiplayer.

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I prefer both. It really depends on what the game designer wants to do.

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I love a good SP. I think multiplayer is often wasted. For example, lots of people try to play Battlefield in the same style as CoD, although BF is one of those games that reward a teamwork effort. It is just wasted on a community with an increasing number of "too young" players who can't grasp - or don't give a damn about the concept. And you rarely have 30 online friends you can team up with. I think there's a lot of potential in Co-op gaming though. Would love to see more of that. Nothing feels better than "sharing a game" instead of just shooting at each other mindlessly (or whatever else if not shooting).
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Single player most.

Only Unreal Tournament 2004 made me to play a lot of multiplayer.

Now I prefer the single player, I finish the game and I start other games to finish again.

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It depends man, an original and enjoyable story is the fundamental of a good game, but once you've finished it, what you will do? I mean, ok you can play it again 3 or 4 times but then it will become boring. If a good game is accompained by a likewise interesting multiplayer is just great. Let's take for example games like Halo or Crysis, they have an amazing storyline and a competitive and funny MP. The MP of a game become funnier when you find new people to play with.
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I prefer SP!