Do you pre order games or buy Day One?

Posted by HipHopBeats (2878 posts) 4 months, 18 days ago

Poll: Do you pre order games or buy Day One? (24 votes)

I generally pre order 13%
I prefer to buy Day One 4%
Neither, I wait for price drops or GOTY 67%
Other (please explain) 17%

If so, why? I never pre ordered, but got burnt buying Day One before. Since then, I usually wait for reviews and gameplay vids. If it's a game that has Day One DLC or a season pass, I usually wait for price drops or GOTY / Ultimate Editions.

Pre order bonuses are nothing but Easter Eggs or cheats that should have been included for everyone like they used to be in past gens.

Here's a good video diving into the pros and cons of feeding into the hype

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I usually pre-order my most wanted games (using trade-in credit), and others I might buy day 1 or close to it.

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I'll pre-order if it's a game I know I'll love for hours and if it's apart of a series I love.

Watch Dogs is a game I'll pre-order since it's from Ubisoft and it has a lot of Splinter Cell time cover based combat and cover swapping in it.

NHL 15 is a game I'll pre-order because I get more fun and playtime out of the NHL series than any other. You can play for 30 minutes in between other games, reading or other activities; or play for hours. Plus there's so many different modes to choose from.

The Saints Row series: enough said. I m♥rried to the S♥ints R♥w series. I love the characters, the story and dialog. The humor and character customizations and second to none. It's lots of fun most of the time. Saint Row IV was just meant to be a DLC add-on for SR3, but the guys in charge decided to make it a full game, but it's still a great action-adventure, science fiction parody of Prototype and Mass Effect. The romance scenes were funny, funny, funny.

The InFAMOUS series, Spinter Cell series, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon (after Future Soldier) is one I'll always pre-order of buy on day one.

Some other games I can pre-order, buy day one or wait like the Pro Evolution Soccer & WWE series.

But most other games can wait until after day one to let other people test the waters & because I have too many games already and don't need to add to my backlog. It's usually the smart thing to do since the real game doesn't always match the pre-game marketing hype and anticipation.

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Most games simply aren't worth pre-orders or day one purchases.

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I preorder all games I plan on buying day one. Otherwise I'll wait for them to go down in price.

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It depends on the game, price and if its a collectors edition i really want. Also most of the pre-order shit can be bought a few months later

But i dont mind the developers making pre-order benefit, its a business and they are there to make money, not to cater to my or anyone elses agenda or idea.

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If I REALLY want a game (or I assume it will become rare) I almost always preorder it. aside from that, I usually wait for a price drop or for it to come out used.

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i rarely pre-order anything. I usually wait, i made an exception for Watch Dogs though

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Sometimes I'll pre-order, sometimes I'll buy day one, sometimes I'll buy a bit later but still pay full price, and sometimes I'll buy when there's sales or discounts.

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even if i know before release that i'm going to be buying a game, i don't preorder. sometimes there are good deals that don't pop up until close to launch.

with digital storefronts on consoles now, the worst thing that happens is that i'll waste a trip because the brick and mortar store didn't have it in stock and i'll just go home and download the game instead. even then, i probably would've had to make a trip to the store to make the preorder anyway.

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I preorder games to get LE, or titles that have a limited print. Most of the time I wait for price drops.

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I also made a video talking about (not so much the pros &cons) but the kind of stuff surrounding the pre-order ideals that gets my jmmies rustled. I personally try not to pre order games, but like anybody i slip from time to time. Honestly it cant be **that** big of an issue so long as the dev/pub alllows for copious amounts of coverage before hand. jumping into anything blind isn't typically a good idea. :/

Video if interested:

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Neither, I'm happy to wait and avoid pre ordering an expensive game I end up hating. Also the trend of lieing about game content is another reason to avoid pre ordering too.

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I will pre-order a game if I like it, and they are offering a good deal with the pre-order. Eg. Dark Souls 2 came with a metal case with some beautiful artwork and you also got a cd of the games soundtrack. The only low point was the dlc weapons pack which really didn't have any decent weapons with it. Also some pre-orders will give you beta access to another of their games coming up. However I prefer some limited edition artwork or something similar.

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I can't buy games on day one because they don't launch in my country anyway ... :D

but a few games that i bought at full 60$ as soon as i could are Halo 4 , GTA V , Mass Effect 3 , Skyrim and Bioshock infinite .

other than these games i usually wait for price drops and I mostly buy games from 2 or 3 years ago for 20$ .

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i pre-order and buy day one games like GTA V skyrim uncharted 2 halo 4 gears 3 tomb raider dark souls 2

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I usually pre order games like GTA, NFS and Sleeping dogs types of games.. Other than this, i will wait for the user reviews and i ll buy...

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I usually read reviews and watch the gameplay via youtube or from a nearby computer shop and see how it fares. If I liked what I saw, then I buy.

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I no longer buy games day one or pre order. I buy games when they're under $30. Most games are too short to pay full price. I can't bring myself to buy a game for $60 if it's only 8 hours long. I don't trade my games in either. By the time I finish them they're not worth much anyway. I have a huge back log of games to tide me over until newer games drop in price. Another reason I don't buy day one or pre order is DLC. I'm not going buy a game day 1 if it's not the complete experience.

I can't stand the shit that is going on with this industry. Developers are getting way to greedy. If I can't get games at the right price without being nickle and dimed with DLC and microtransactions I'll call it quits and go retro only. I have 500 games that span 30 years in my gaming library to play.

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Day one most of the time.

I did preorder GTA 5 in the past. I think that's about it.

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If I must have the game right then and there, I'll just go to a store and buy it. I only pre-order PC titles on Steam because it's usually given at a discount. Even then, I only do it on games in franchises I know I'm going to buy Day 1 otherwise anyways. Right now that is Civilization and nothing else.

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Last game I preordered was Wrath of the Lich king and before was FF7 back in the 90s

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Neither. There's no need. I can easily avoid spoilers on the internet and none of my friends are into videogames, so I have noone to keep up with. Besides, there are always enough games to keep me busy until the price drops.

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I pre Order all my games.

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I stopped pre-ordering when A. I finally figured out that at least in my area you can always find a copy day one, and if you ever cannot, wait a week, they will ship more. B. They stopped making the bonuses uniform collectors editions or actual extra merch in favor of store specific downloads of costume and weapons packs.

As for buying day one I will on MGS and GTA, otherwise I wait not just for price drop but all extras collected. I love the elder scrolls but I am just now getting into skyrim, why you ask, because I just bought the out the box everything released included plus as its console the latest patches, and I got it for 30 bucks. that was worth waiting until the game was old.

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Neither, I just wait a couple months for the game to hit $20-$30, and then pick it up, mostly used titles.

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really depends on the incentive to buy day if you pre order the new UFC game you get Bruce Lee as an unlock able character...if I really want a limited edition version of a game I might pre order it as well.

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I never pre-order, and never purchase on day of release. I got caught out a few times in the past with poor and buggy games, and since then I always wait for reviews, gameplay videos, patches, and all the rest of it. Games are also too over-hyped these days, and there are too many fake trailers and screenshots that don't represent the final game.

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Actually it depends on the game, if i get exited by it, ill just pre-order it. :)

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I pre-order if I really, really want the game.

Most recent game I pre-ordered was Dark Souls II.

Game I preordered before it was that crappy game Xcom: The Bureau, but I got the complete Xcom series for free due to the pre-order, which included Enemy Unknown, (and I think some TF2 stuff), so I don't feel too bad about pre-ordering it. Ended up gifting Enemy Unknown to a friend. Because the game I pre-ordered before was Xcom:Enemy Unknown, which came with some TF2 stuff and Civilization V.

So, yeah... I'll do a pre-order if it turns out to be a deal, or if I really want the game Day 1.

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Neither. I will usually wait for the greatest hit or GOTY edition.

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Digital download.

The only time I pre-ordered a game was for the Madden 25 anniversary edition through Amazon which came with the 2013-14 season of NFL Sunday ticket which was easily the greatest pre-order bonus of all time (well I guess it was also $40 more, but way worth it).

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Most games simply aren't worth pre-orders or day one purchases.

Ha ha! I learned this the hard way. Let's play vids has always been a determining factor for me in making game purchases. I got my eye on Wolfenstein but I want to see how long it is before buying and if they're planning any DLC.