Do you like third person or first person better on Skyrim?

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I have been wondering this myself. I like both third person and first person games equally. But which do you like playing more in Skyrim? I just want to know your gamers opinions, and why you have that paticular opinion. Thanks Gamespot!

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Both of view, i usually take first person when on walk with calm, and i take third person when there are some battle ahead... cause i confuse when use the first person when there are lots of enemy..
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[QUOTE="Dirjo"]Both of view, i usually take first person when on walk with calm, and i take third person when there are some battle ahead... cause i confuse when use the first person when there are lots of enemy..

A complete opposite of you :P I like first person when combat and third person when just walking around.
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I prefer the 1st person view...It's better for seeing what spell or weapon you use...
#5 Posted by jban311 (22 posts) -
First person of course. Third person view just makes me realize how clunky the animations and combat mechanics are
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I prefer third person

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I like 3rd-person view for walking around. The animations look good & I like the different walking speeds (with a gamepad). They can look a little weird when sneaking around certain environments though. Sometimes 1st-person view is better for sneaking through cramped cooridors. I tend to use 1st-person for fighting. I don't think it looks very good in 3rd person.

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I like first person because I feel it is easier to aim your weapons in especially because I use a bow very often.
#9 Posted by UltimaSpartacus (19 posts) -
First person the whole way for me. I love it!
#10 Posted by briguy1721 (24 posts) -
I prefer first because it makes it feel more like I am the one making things happen (i.e. picking things up, swinging a sword, casting a spell) instead of controlling a character.
#11 Posted by Slimefreak987 (3 posts) -
I tend to varie my view as they both make me equally satisfied
#12 Posted by PRIMEGAMER (20 posts) -

First person for battle and Third person for walking & roaming... :)

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I prefer first person for sure. Third person feels awkward to me. The character sort of walks like he's been robbed of his zimoframe
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First person, all the way through the game. It makes me feel more like im in the game and not some pre-determined character.

#16 Posted by theycallmeRP (1656 posts) -

I switch back in forth. In combat when I get surrounded I go 3rd to see better and then 1st to focus on enemies. Roaming I'm usually 3rd, see enemy groups better.

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First person, third is only good when there are too many enemies.
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The floating camera view with a gun hovering in your face is the least realistic way to play a game.

Look down, Do you see your feet?

Games have amazingly real character models and equipment textures, and you don't see any of that in FPS mode (besides maybe gloves). If I earn some flashy gear i wanna look at it.

Luckily this lame FPS view with die out soon because in the next few years the REAL First Person View will take over (Virtual Reality). 'Oculus Rift' is already available in Beta form and a more polished version is coming out as soon as next year. Another company is developing the 'castAR' glasses which are slightly different with cameras on each eye.

Welcome to a realistic first person view.

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First if only because I find 3rd person in those games to be nearly unplayable.

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