Do you currently pay a monthly fee to play any online games?

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If you do, what game and how much each month?

For me, it's currently WildStar.

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I resubscribed to World of Warcraft last week.

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@PannicAtack: I did too. Was it a good decision?

Not particularly regretting it at the moment. Having some fun. Finally got to Outland.

Also, I got the special mount from Hearthstone, and that's kinda cool.

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Nope..... I'm all about once off payments.

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Besides Xfinity, Xbox Live, but mostly for the Games With Gold program to increase my collection. This will be my last month for an indefinite amount of time because I am completing my backlog.

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PS +

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Just Xbox Live. I did have PS+ but it ended a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably resubscribe next month although I don't have a PS4 so technically it's not really to play games online.

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iRacing,from time to time.

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None atm, have subscribed to Xbox live and SWTOR in the past