Do you always finish games?

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Posted by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: Do you always finish games? (74 votes)

YES! 18%
No, rarely 9%
I try to complete most of them 43%
I a game is bad and wasting my time, i am not finishing it 23%
I will never finish all my games, too big of a backlog 7%

Just wondering if you guys finish games you buy or just have a big backlog . Do you try to at least play them and finish them?

#1 Posted by ReddestSkies (4087 posts) -

I only complete about half the games I start playing, maybe less. The vast majority of games are way too long for my tastes, making it easy for me to lose interest whenever a game stops introducing new gameplay elements, especially if I don't care about the story. It doesn't help that there's always something else I want to play. I never force myself to finish a game; it's a pointless exercise.

And I will definitely never finish all my games. There are still a few dozens of games from last gen that I bought when they became cheap and that I'll never get around to playing, and you can bet that the same will happen with this gen.

#2 Posted by nyc05 (10183 posts) -

No. I'm terrible about finishing games.

That's why, with the upcoming console generation, I'm controlling myself with launch games (2/PS4, 1/XBO) so I can give myself time to focus on the games I'm playing. Usually, and especially with console launches, I go crazy and buy up every game I'm interested in. Not this time because I want to actually finish some games this gen.

It's not that I don't finish any, but a generous percentage of the games I own have not been beaten. Hell a great number haven't even been played.

That's a troublesome trend I vow to end.

#3 Posted by sukraj (23193 posts) -

I finish most of the game I play.

#4 Edited by marcheegsr (2906 posts) -

Usually I do. Especially if I really like the game. If I sort of like it, ill take longer than usual to finish it but in the end I always do.

Right now I'm trying to finish most of my games so I can pave the way for next gen and also some titles I still need to pick up for ps3 dirt cheap.

#5 Posted by Large_Soda (8612 posts) -

I try my best, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Like right now, I'm playing Beyond: Two Souls and it's boring me to tears; I highly doubt I'll finish it.

#6 Posted by msulcs (43 posts) -

If the game is crappy I don't play it, but for the most part, i do try to finish the games.

#7 Posted by SirSlimyScott (266 posts) -

I didn't finish prototype 2, utter shit. (BEWARE OF CHAIR)

#8 Edited by Pedro (21144 posts) -

I finish every game I enjoy. I tend not to finish games which are marginally enjoyable.

#9 Posted by sabretooth2066 (389 posts) -

Finishing games ?....LOL..i can be happy if i make it through the first half while starting another game about every week or sometimes even every day....thats the problem with an overloaded market, way too many games to play if you play indie games as well...and those are actually the bigger problem, with so many indie games at hand it doesnt even matters when those games are shorter than AAA titles..i sometimes dont even finnish a friggin title with an average gameplay length of 4 hours.

The good side on such a gaming behaviour is that i may not finnish the most games, but i expierience more games than those people who work hard for every game to finnish it and starting another game after they finnish the latest one only.

Another reason is that i always try to get all kinds of additional side-missions/extra-goals/medals etc., like the friggin gold medals in GTA V, i played the 2nd mission in GTA V 3 hours alone til i figured out a way to grab the final gold medal, and i only move on to the next mission only when i got me the gold medal for the current one.

#10 Edited by loafofgame (690 posts) -

I cannot live with the fact of having paid for a game and not finishing it. Also, so far I have never played a game I disliked enough to not finish it. I carefully pick my titles, and usually buy them long after the launch date. Sometimes there are long pauses between playing the same game, because I play multiple games during the same period, but I always finish them at some point.

This does mean I play too little games to keep up with my growing backlog (especially now that I also have less time to play games because of a job and a girlfriend). And it also means I'm definitely not up to date. I still have to play Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, etc. And I usually take my time when playing these games (multiple playthroughs, searching all corners, doing all side missions, going for achievements that are fun or make me play differently, etc.). But luckily, all my close friends don't play video games, so there's much less pressure to play the latest games and much less spoiler threats. And aging graphics aren't a big deal for me, so I can wait.

#11 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) -

i usually finish all the games i start, i just have a big backlog with games i haven't even openend or even played

#12 Posted by withe1982 (450 posts) -

I start countless games as soon as they are released but find myself struggling to finish them by the time something else comes out.

Usually longer games like Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma or other WRPGs are put aside while I do a game with a 10-12 hour campaign.

#13 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25803 posts) -

Most. I have a load of unfinished ones but I intend to get through them. The execption might be Catherine which I really wanted to like but...block pushing puzzles AND time limits? Jesus Christ, guys.

#14 Edited by riou7 (10833 posts) -

Not always but most of the games I played, I usually finished :)

#15 Posted by Blueresident87 (5340 posts) -

I attempt to complete all games I play, but I don't waste the time if the game has very few redeeming qualities.

#16 Posted by iampenguin (223 posts) -

I very rarely don't finish a game. When I do it's for one of two reasons.

One, I try a new genera or franchise and find that it's not for me.

Two, I find that it sucks too much and is not worth pursuing further.

#17 Edited by immortality20 (7958 posts) -

99% of the time. The other 1% is when I try a sucky game and it's not worth the time to finish. There's too many great games to play to bother wasting time on a really bad one. I hate leaving games unfinished, because it's hard to come back to a game after a long break. You can't remember controls, where you were, the story etc. I had a 2 week break from GTA 5 and picked it up again last night and had the same problems. Couldn't remember why I was setting up this heist etc.

#18 Posted by Sushiglutton (5355 posts) -

I used to always finish them, but this year I have bought more games than I will ever be able to finish :(. Also some open world games takes a ridiculous amount of time before I feel done wiht them (which is a good thing in some ways obv).

#19 Posted by CrimsonBrute (23629 posts) -

I try finishing them unless the gameplay mechanics are terrible.

#20 Edited by Bigboi500 (30303 posts) -

No, I own hundreds of games, so if I get bored with one I move on to another.

#21 Posted by CrimsonBrute (23629 posts) -

@Bigboi500: Do you eventually return to the game and finish?

#22 Edited by johnd13 (8447 posts) -

Yes. If I buy it, I finish it.

#23 Posted by sabretooth2066 (389 posts) -

@Bigboi500 said:

No, I own hundreds of games, so if I get bored with one I move on to another.

thats also the case, sometimes i get bored with a game after 3 hours of playing, then a week later, i get in the mood again to continue that game and then i play it until i get bored again.

i know guys who kinda feel forced to play their games until the finish even when theyre bored and only start the next one when they finished the last one, i dont see any reason why i should play for example GTA V when i am currently bored of driving and shooting and have far more interest in playing an good ole point and click adventure or even some retro-game sidescroller.

#24 Edited by Bigboi500 (30303 posts) -

@f22_king_raptor: Usually I do, and sometimes I re-play games I really like multiple times, it just depends on the mood I'm in. The trouble for me is when we have an outbreak of good new games all bunched close together I can totally get distracted, and the ones I really like I'll beat right away but the rest gets thrown on the ever-growing backlog pile.

It's been an endless cycle all generation long, but now with the changing of systems I think I'll have more time to climb that pile and reduce it a bit before I buy a PS4 next year.

#25 Edited by gamerelic (13 posts) -

I don't have the time to complete all of the games I play. Some games I just don't feel like continuing or I feel as it it's not worth playing to the end. Plus it's hard when so many good games continue to come out and you focus on the next game.

#26 Edited by justgame22 (7 posts) -

If i like the game finishing it is a must if i hate the game, it goes in the fail pile..... finishing a game makes one feel accomplished

#27 Posted by Yagr_Zero (27849 posts) -

I think it depends on the game and if I really enjoy it or not. Most of the time I do, though, for the record.

#28 Edited by I-AM-N00B (410 posts) -

I usually finish my games, but if I don't enjoy them and cant bring myself to go back to them I don't bother. I only tend to play story based games one at a time though, I don't like the idea of getting into one game, then putting it down mid-way through in order to get into another game.

#29 Edited by Chickan_117 (16329 posts) -

Like many of the above my completion is dependant on my enjoyment of the game. After starting the "Shame Pile Challenge" thread last year I've been trying to curb my impulsiveness when moving between games. As a result I play more thru to completion than I did before and, to be honest, am enjoying my gaming much more. So many great stories that I would have missed using my previous method of "play whatever takes my fancy right now" :) Thing I found hardest was going back to a game after taking a break as it meant remembering where I was and how to play (e.g. Bayonetta)

#30 Posted by GodModeEnabled (15314 posts) -

I try to but I have a pretty damn big back log. I would say most of the time I do, but I end up buying more games than I have time for so it looks like I never finish anything lol.

#31 Edited by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) -

I have been lucky when it comes to games i have started, there hasn't been a game i have started i didn't finish so far. And the ones i have started on, are games i intend to finish

#32 Posted by tribalTox (802 posts) -

I complete every game I buy, but for every game I beat or start playing, I buy around 4 to 5 just because they were on sale. My backlog is big, not as big as some, but I will finish all the games I have for the 360 and PC, eventually.

#33 Edited by Jacanuk (4952 posts) -

For the most part i do, but sometimes there are games that are so uninteresting that its impossible to complete.

#34 Posted by EnderX (42 posts) -

Nope. I have bought and played games that I don't like at all. I don't bother to complete them, but I do my best to dispose of them. On Steam, I for example, go as far as to have the License removed. If I have a game that I do not like on my conscience, I get anxiety. It must be disposed of, one way or another. Whether it be selling it or simply throwing it away. I only beat games that I truly enjoy, and usually I play through them at least twice. I am all about personal quality control when it comes to my game library.

#35 Posted by touchscreenpad (220 posts) -

There are games that I am unable to finish because the copy I have is broken. Very rarely I don't finish a game because I don't like it. If I don't like it I don't even play it in the first place. By finishing it I mean just the main story and not that super 100% game completion,I often don't achieve that.

#36 Posted by CallOfGaming (10 posts) -

I try to complete them, but sometimes I lose interest in the game cuz the formula is wasted. I mean that the same actions get repeated and if the story doesn't convince, I don't finish them. Unless in horror games, If I don't complete them its cuz Im scared :-(

#37 Edited by dipdish (871 posts) -

Sometimes I do. Yet, the game should worth my time.

For example; L.A. Noire. I completed it, because aside from the neat gameplay system, the overall atmosphere of the game, with that late 1940's theme, was top-notch.

The same thing goes with the books. I read a lot, but sometimes I can't finish some of the books that I pick up.

#38 Posted by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) -

@Jacanuk said:

For the most part i do, but sometimes there are games that are so uninteresting that its impossible to complete.

Do you trade them in?

#39 Posted by Megavideogamer (5466 posts) -

Out of all the games that I have ever played that have an ending I have finished 71% of them. The rest are beyond my skill level. or they are just very lame/bad/broken/games that I just could bother finishing. So out of a gaming history since 1983. 71% of all games that are able to be beaten/finished/completed is not bad. Loved the coin-op arcade era. Home consoles give you more time to finish games. Master them and enjoy. Coin op arcades were a great place to learn and practice at becoming better at games. Since they were cranked to the hardest difficult setting. Which helps you complete videogames to the ending.

But there are games which are so "Meh" that one cannot even bother sticking with it to the end. And some games which just beyond my skill level and I will not be able to beat.

#40 Edited by Maddie_Larkin (6628 posts) -

I have a sort of compulsive behavior with games, I have to play them through (SP only), so I would say that most games I play through, games I do not manage to play through tend to haunt me for years until I go back and finish them.

Only a few exceptions stand, games that I bought but really disliked at a game mechanic standpoint I will give up on (there have been around 2 cases so far). Ironically Despite my odd feeling that I HAVE to finish games I start I really could'nt care less for completion of random extras or scores.

#41 Posted by Thhommy (2 posts) -

I found that as I get older I keep finishing less games. I try but usually get bored halfway through, or get distracted by something else. I also used to play games through multiple times. The best example is GTA. I can't count how many times I replayed Vice City and San Andreas. GTA IV was kind of meh, I loved V but I just don't feel the urge to replay it.

I have a pretty big backlog on Steam mostly, but CIV V just keeps getting in the way of completing some of them.

#42 Posted by valium88 (4455 posts) -

I'm playing games for the experience, not bragging rights. If a game doesn't float my boat I quit it. If a game I love has some throphies not completed I couldn't care less.

#43 Edited by SawmanGS4 (8 posts) -

Time is so limited. If a game turns out to be stupid I drop it like a hot rock.

#44 Posted by lamprey263 (24415 posts) -

I finish 90%+ of them. However my backlog of games I bought but haven't gotten around to starting worse than games I start and don't finish, but that's shrinking slowly but surely.

#45 Edited by CaptainSofa (151 posts) -

I must be an oddball. I always finish the games i buy, and only get one game at a time. I take my time and see everything there is to see. I also research the games i get really well to avoid getting something I don't like. The only game that I got this generation that I didn't finish was Darksiders2. I actually thought it was a really fun game, but it was really long and got to repetitive for me. I like to complete games and then compare my opinion of it to different game reviews.

#46 Edited by bob_toeback (11267 posts) -

I'm pretty good with buying games that I'll be interested in enough to finish. I used to be a bit more crazy with buying tons and never finishing them. For games like Morrowind, I never finish them. With Morrowind I never even touched the main quest... and I've probably played that more than anything. The LBP games I havent finished, mainly because I was more interested in the level creator... but at the same time, playing the story unlocked stuff... I guess I lost interest after I lost my saves...

But yeah, normally pretty good with it.

#47 Edited by EnderX (42 posts) -

@CaptainSofa said:

I must be an oddball. I always finish the games i buy, and only get one game at a time. I take my time and see everything there is to see. I also research the games i get really well to avoid getting something I don't like. The only game that I got this generation that I didn't finish was Darksiders2. I actually thought it was a really fun game, but it was really long and got to repetitive for me. I like to complete games and then compare my opinion of it to different game reviews.

I used to do that. It's really the best way to play games. I'm slowly getting back into that. It's hard to keep myself from buying new games since I have lots of money, but I'm trying. There's really no point in buying something, if it's just going to sit there while I play other games. And also the idea of having an unfinished game really annoys me to the point where I force myself to rush through game A just so I can get to game B. And that's a waste. Like you said, I'd prefer to take my time and see everything there is to see.

#48 Posted by dbtbandit67 (353 posts) -

I had a big problem finishing less than 10% of the games I bought when I first got into gaming 21 years ago. Since then, I've increased that percentage to about 70% or more because I am much more selective about the games I'm buying, also because it's not as common to get stuck and being totally unaware of what to do next, with the availability of guides on the internet, and Google/Youtube and all. If I don't finish a game I was really into and it was just my ADD kicking in, I feel like I was just wasting my time.

#49 Edited by The_Last_Ride (72951 posts) -

@sawmangs4 said:

Time is so limited. If a game turns out to be stupid I drop it like a hot rock.

yeah i agree, not all games are worth the time

#50 Posted by Godly_Cure (4293 posts) -

Rarely but I'm getting better about it.