Do any RTS game (older style) feature AMBUSH?

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Do any of the games like SupCom, C&C and AOE etc., (not current generation RTS games) have "ambush" as a feature? I used to play those games a few years ago and have decided to take them out of storage and have a look at them again. I just cannot remember if any of them allowed you to position your units in order to set up an ambush, and if so, are they effective or does it give you little advantage.

Therefore, my questions are:

1) Which RTS games feature "Ambush"?

2) Which RTS game has the most effective implemention of this feature?

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There is this old old strategy game set in World War 2, russians and germans. I dont remember what it's called. But you know it if its the one you're thinking about. It's camera was unusual because it was looking straight down 90 degrees on your units (not from the side like most RTS), and the graphics had a photorealistic style. Like the units were almost for example real photos of tanks from above like a GIF.
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Here it is Close Combat 3 from 1997. This is the only gameplay video i could find
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Close Combat 3: The Russian Front and Close Combat 5: Invasion Normandy are the best in the series, even today I still load them up from time to time. Awesome games, and they have an ambush feature. Very detailed games and I wish they would release more of them retail. A number of years ago they decided to only release them digital.
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for sure kingdom under fire they have ambush tactics check it out...

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Interesting, Have to check these out
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I remember a game called Praetorians, I think it had an ambush feature or something similar.

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There's no real command for an ambush in supcom, however, you CAN ambush opponents other ways. Namely, the Cybran has a whole host of anti-radar stealth units that can do sneak attacks on other units, and air units like T3 bombers can easily catch most enemy units unawares and retreat before being spotted.