Do any of you still play Skyrim?

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#1 Posted by GamerZem (526 posts) -

Well, today is officially the one year anniversary of Skyrim. I've decided to start playing again about two weeks ago, and bought Dawnguard while it was on sale.

Today I've finally gotten around to start Dawnguard, and it brings back memories of how fun this game used to be. I can't seem to recapture that feeling, though. Does that happen to any of you? Do you still play Skyrim?

#2 Posted by GeoffZak (3715 posts) -

Nah. I got bored of it after a day. :\

It's Oblivion with nicer graphics. I've played this before.

#3 Posted by Darkmoone1 (2827 posts) -
Haven't played it in a while once I beat the main story. I might get back into it later on however.
#4 Posted by 1PMrFister (3134 posts) -
Got it a couple weeks ago, so yes.
#5 Posted by Sweetbackhair (1926 posts) -
I haven't in a while, I played over 200 hours on it and now I'm just bored of it
#6 Posted by NaveedLife (17179 posts) -

Played it for about 50 hours and stopped. Kinda had the urge to hope back in, but probably wont.

#7 Posted by tribalTox (802 posts) -

I actually just started playing again a few days ago with a new character. I'm not gonna tweak on it like on my first play through, 181 hours, but I still like it.

#8 Posted by TrainerCeleste (1633 posts) -
No Bethesda makes me angry, and I dont waste my time with them anymore. I refuse to buy anything that has their name on it anymore, after how much of a failure it was bug wise. I still play oblivion and Morrowind. Skyrim felt stale when it was working. I have more fun with Oblivion o3o It was fun at first, but now it just seems like the same things over and over, not particularly fun.
#9 Posted by mooooo99 (1249 posts) -

yup, i picked it up again a few weeks ago, working on finishing the main story after 100+ hours, just off to fight alduin shortly..

#10 Posted by HipHopBeats (2699 posts) -

I'll play for a few weeks, loose interest and come back a month or two later. Still haven't finished the main story yet. After a few weeks of playing, I'll get bored with grinding and leveling up which is ironic since I love rpgs. I eventually get the urge to play other games like Dragon's Dogma, ME2, AC2 or anything where you don't have to wait untill level 32 to do cool ish.

#11 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

I spent about 200 hours with it, got the plat a month ago and haven't touched it since.

#12 Posted by ShadowMoses900 (17081 posts) -

Yep, I'm a level 48 Dark Elf that dabbles in Destruction and Illusion magic and sneaks around with a bow.

But Black Ops 2 comes out tomorrow so that will be getting most of my gaming time.

#13 Posted by Hallenbeck77 (14559 posts) -

I've been playing for about a year, although I've put it aside since the release of Borderlands 2. Will pick it up again when the Dragonborn DLC is released.

#14 Posted by mrsniper83 (1552 posts) -
After I beat the game I just can't seem to get into it.
#15 Posted by c_rakestraw (14773 posts) -

Haven't played for a while. Partly because I've got a bunch of other games I need to play and partly because I'm waiting to see if the existing DLC will come out on PS3. Might pick it back up soon.

#16 Posted by SouL-Tak3R (4024 posts) -

Good game, but I have yet to finish it. Put in 100 or so hours with 2 seperate charcters. I just can't get into it like I did with Oblivion. Did stealth up to mid 30s got a little bored with the missions. Started magic user but spells just don't feel right he is almost level 30. Wanted to do a heavy armor two handed weapons charcter but I just can't seem to find the right fit and get into the game.

#17 Posted by Kevlar101 (6231 posts) -
Oddly, I still have not gotten it :( I'm planning on picking it up some time in December, but thats doubtful. But I really want to play it.
#18 Posted by Allicrombie (25399 posts) -
I played a little this week after a long break. My save file said 12/7/2011 =P
#19 Posted by mrmusicman247 (17577 posts) -
not anymore i traded it in a while ago. over 200 hours.
#20 Posted by PetJel (3724 posts) -

I always want to get back into it but something is preventing me and I don't know what it is. :P

#21 Posted by SoNin360 (5629 posts) -
Yep, been playing it on and off ever since I got it in June. I'm just 2 trophies away from getting the platinum, but I havn't really focused on trophies too much and have just been enjoying the game. I've put 145 hours into just one file and there's still a good amount of stuff I can do. I'll take a bit of a break from it once I finally get all the trophies, but overall I've really liked it.
#22 Posted by Goyoshi12 (9687 posts) -

Waiting for the (hopefully) inevitable GOTY edition and then play the $#!+ out of it just like I did with Morrowind and Oblivion.

#23 Posted by HardGames420 (233 posts) -

I bought the game at launch, only played about ten hours. Dark Souls sucked my life away and ruined Skyrim for me in the process. I will get around to completing it this winter though.

#24 Posted by Pffrbt (6594 posts) -

Nah. I got bored of it after a day. :\

It's Oblivion with nicer graphics. I've played this before.


It actually isn't. Oblivion had more depth.

#25 Posted by 23Jarek23 (2617 posts) -

Tried to go back to it last week, played for about 10 minutes and it froze so that was the end of that.

#26 Posted by TrainerCeleste (1633 posts) -


Nah. I got bored of it after a day. :\

It's Oblivion with nicer graphics. I've played this before.


It actually isn't. Oblivion had more depth.

^ This
#27 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

I am about to get into it again.

#28 Posted by danielfadel (10 posts) -
Haven't played since june or so, and i'm just waiting for the Dawnguard to come on PS3 since they are working on it now.
#29 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18415 posts) -
I'll be playing it again in a few months.. I plan to get back into it but need to get through some other games first.
#30 Posted by cyborg100000 (2864 posts) -

I last played it in May, clocked in 45ish hours and didn't finish it. Gonna play it again next year when DLC's out and more mods are out.

#31 Posted by NightmareP3 (256 posts) -

Nope, got 100 hours in the game and have nothing more to do in it. Now i'm just waiting for the overpriced DLC to go on a 75% or 50% off sale so i can pick it up