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Hey PC gamers

I am introducing new PC game here & asking you for favour too!!


It is Action-Adventure Game with: 1) WereWolf new concept 2) Mixing potions concept

In terms of Games, I can say: Amnesia style, but with soft horror + RPG elements + Platforming elements

I know the development team well, they did great effort (& yes they did not tried to do easy shooter game for you) They deserve you help

The game will be released on 15 Nov at: 1) Green Man Gaming 2) Zodiac Italian Store

But Also,

Help At Steam Too!

Please share the page everywhere At Facebook, twitter, youtube, forums, adventure games sites They really need your support!


Indie horror Guise of the Wolf to rear its head November 15th

Adventure Nieuws

Game At GameSpot!

This Topic is to discuss the game and answer any questions