DICE and EA needs to shape up.

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A lot of people has been going on a rant that Battlefield 4 is the glitchiest, crappiest and uncomplete battlefield.

I agree with you. But was BF3 any different. BF3 was glitchy and unbalanced as hell at launch. It’s definitely better now.

BF4 is more unbalanced and glitchy than BF3. Yes !

But you people need to remember that DICE had to make a game that is multi-generational. BF4’s glitches and what-not’s are expected.

The real problem is...... where is battlefield going ?

I mean Battlefield used to be just about conquest and conquest assault. Rush was a cool new game mode that I heartedly welcomed into battlefield. But TDM, Obliteration and all these new modes are just taking up too much time that the devs could have used to complete the game.

BF3 had all these new game modes after all the DLC and some of them were barely used after their launch.

I personally think Battlefield had to add more modes to market their game.

Also another thing is the weapons.

I’m so tired to see a recent player’s stats only to find he has 10000 kills with a certain gun and that’s basically it. Where is the diversity and the skill. Showing the world that you have 10000 kills with one gun and barely 100kills with the other guns or showing the world that you are an all rounded player that can play with all the guns in a certain class or even all classes? You had to adapt to recoil, spread, reload time etc. You look better than the player who has 10000 kills with one gun.

I just want battlefield to exceed and be the best FPS but at the moment it isn’t where it should be.

COD is the true abomination. BF is the gentleman’s game. Let’s keep it that way.

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Rush mode forever!

I honestly thought Bad Company 2 was loads better than BF3 or BF4... I don't even know why BF4 exists.