Destiny is so boring....

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My problem with it is it feels like I've played it before, it just doesn't feel unique in any way, even the art style just looks like any other generic game of it's type. I get the hype, it is Bungie, I've never been a Halo fan and so I don't feel any hype for a Bungie game, I've not followed or watch anything of Destiny actively. It should have felt fresh to me, but it's just another boring shooter..

I was hoping new hardware should inspire new thinking, the last time I remember something new was with HL2 with the physics stuff and the puzzles. Every level in that game offered something different, but sadly FPS games these days are just shooting shooting shooting and I'm bored of it.

Destiny could have been made at the same time as the original Halo, yeah it wouldn't have the online stuff, but I just don't see what the online brings to the game. People just feel like NPCs like they do in all console games that try this, people do not have keyboards and so you cannot just simply chat on the fly.

It is just one small snippet of the game, but my god it's a boring one.

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Want to give me your alpha access then?

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I think it's great. Maybe you play too many FPS games and should try a different genre for a change.

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It looks like a slightly less ugly Borderlands. Of course it's boring as hell.

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Strikes are fun, exploration mode is not (generic randomly generated quests that are very similar to your MMO fare of "go here and collect x or kill y.")

But there's clearly a lot about this one section of the game that has not been implemented. Some of the areas are not populated and others are blocked off by fog walls or invincible enemies.

This is why you don't release early builds on consoles - because console gamers tend to have no experience with early builds of games and will treat them as final builds in their judgments. It doesn't help that for years publishers have released "betas" on consoles that were in fact near finished builds, further distorting player's mindsets going into an actual beta or alpha. This is also why we'll never see early access on least, not like we see it on Steam....companies will be too worried about negative word of mouth from gamers not used to experiencing an unfinished game.

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its pretty much Borderlands gameplay mixed with Halo universe and style .

Borderlands gameplay was boring as hell for me .