DCU Online or Terra Online

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Since summer is starting me and some of my friends are wondering, which mmo should we choose to play to pass the time. We are interested in having casual fun, without having to worry about endless hours of farming to lvl up ( estimated time of gameplay hours: 2-3 hours per day). We enjoy pvp (primary reason we choose those 2) and frankly we cant afford atm anything less than free to play (thats the reason we wont start ESO). So we found those 2 games that really appealed to us, but we dont know what to choose. We ve seen the various videos of gameplay style in both games, we saw how really cool the action was, but we just dont know what to choose based on the aforementioned factors.Therefore i am asking your opinion and thoughts on that particular matter. Any help would be really appreciated.

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I've played tons of mmos, so i can speak on these two as I've hit max level in both games


Dcuo should be played on the ps3 only.  The pc version never took off right and the game is built for a controller. you of course can use a controller on the pc, however the ps3 community is much more abundant. Dcuo is very fun to level even though the quests aren't particularly special.  It's mostly fun because there's alot of world pvp in that game(if you choose a pvp server) which adds alot of danger to normal quests. The world is fairly small in dcuo and that actually improved world pvp a great deal.  When you get to max level however, the game is a pretty bad grind.  You essentially run many many dungeons for tokens and use that to upgrade gear. They also essentially have battlegrounds and those are pretty decent. The dungeons in dcuo are not amazing by any stretch of the word but are still pretty fun. The graphics are good but not great.  The talent system in Dcuo is pretty good. They've added a ton of expansions since release so you may end up paying alittle more than you expect to get into dcuo. For some reason, as i said, the leveling was really fun for me.  You can make your hero pretty unique as far as ability choices are concerned, which is nice.  There's a pretty good player base in dcuo so the world will feel pretty alive, and dangerous if you choose a pvp server.



Tera's Graphics are beautiful. Tera's enemies and Bams(Big ass monsters spread across the world) are awesome looking. The dungeons are standard but fun. There are not many low lvl dungeons either.  You may farm one for 15 levels or so, if you choose not to quest. The bosses in the game have alot more movement to them and attack alittle different than most other mmos. One highlight is that the bosses in the game look pretty amazing. The combat is action style, and it's overall, good. But there are some big drawbacks. For most classes, you cannot move and cast/attack simultaneously. You also cannot walk backwards which makes tanking a pain. There are also no strafe buttons, which affects pvp gameplay the most imo.  There's also some weird annoyances like invisible walls on cliffs and some other places. Not a big deal but still, worth mentioning. The questing in Tera is fairly bad, or standard. Exclamation points and quest text is pretty much it.  The talent system is not that special in Tera. However, when you get higher level, abilities chain off of one another pretty fast and combat is still pretty good.  The endgame in Tera is mostly high lvl dungeons and world bosses/bams.  World pvp is really big in tera. There aren't any factions so anyone can attack anyone. Guilds can and do declare war on other guilds. There's also a political system in Tera, where players can run for vanguard of certain zones and are elected by other players. They can change laws of the zone and raise /lower vendor prices. Tera is very alive with people. Lots of players everywhere. Tera's world and characters are weird, but that's what makes Tera...Tera. 


Guild Wars 2

Just to add another, Guild Wars 2 is a great game and the best ouf of these three if not the best mmo out. The endgame isn't terribly special at the moment but the combat in that game is the best out of any mmo by far, in my humble opinion.  it's a perfect mix of action combat with traditional tab targeting and aoe style combat.  The movement and gameplay is excellent...period.  The graphics are as good as it gets for mmos. Actually Guild Wars has amazing graphics compared to most any game. Tera and guild wars 2 have the best mmo graphics by a long shot.  The way you spec in guild wars 2 is really unique.  Weapons as well as skills have different abilities. You can swap weapons mid battle, and pair different weapons and weapon sets to create a unique playstyle.  The questing in guild wars 2 is the best questing in any mmo. No more quest text. Npc's in this game talk. This game has the least amount of grind.  Quests don't feel like quests, and this game really supports grouping well.  When you get to max level, getting a great set of gear is not grindy either. This game is built for more casuals.  The only downside for me is that there are not any traditional world pvp, factions or pvp server. There are some different pvp modes and also massive pvp battles where 3 servers go against eachother. The pvp in guild wars is still overall, very good. The dungeons are really fun as well but not amazing.  There are no classes in guild wars 2. Not really. No dedicated tank or healer.  However, people can spec into healing alittle more or taking alittle more damage..etc, so pre made groups do take organize that. 


Perhaps you've tried gw2 and didn't like it and that's why it's not your thread, however I had much more fun playing guild wars 2 and I believe it to be the far superior game in just about every respect compared to dcuo and tera. 

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"There are no classes in guild wars 2. Not really. No dedicated tank or healer.  However, people can spec into healing alittle more or taking alittle more damage..etc, so pre made groups do take organize that."


There are classes of course. I meant to say there aren't any "roles."