Darksiders 2 DLC's.....I got robbed!!!!

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So I got the season pass for Darksiders 2 on PS3,played the campaign and then began the DLC's.Arguls Tomb was ok,but Abyssal Forge was plagued with freezing issues and I can't even begin Demon Lord Belial cause it freezes as soon as I move.LOL.I paid for the season pass and the DLC's included are a broken mess.Vigil are no more so no patches are coming....I got robbed LOL.

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did you try repairing the install?
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That's the risk with season passes... purchasing something before you even know what it is. Technical issues like that are inexcusable though, you should reinstalling the game and add-ons and see if that helps with anything.
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Don't worry, I'm sure THQ will patch it soon... oh wait!