Darkout: The game you need to see

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Darkout beta begins this upcoming friday!(sometime within the day) and it will be EPIC! It's in the Greenlight phase on Steam currently as well and just reached the 96th spot in top 100. Please come check them out and give them your support. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=98158224&searchtext= If you like Terraria I think you'll like this too! :)
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Like Like! :) From http://www.manthanstudio.com/
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dont be fooled, for all anyone knows as of right now the game is trash at best and vaporware at worst. they cant even get their beta put together, i mean cmon! you really think they even have a game? why didnt they release the version they made all the videos from rather than look like completely incompetent tools? even with suspension of disbelief you cant possibly be ignorant enough to not see the continuous botched patches that are down the road! kids on the forum act like devs are doing them some sort of favor for doing nothing at all, its a pretty pathetic level of blind faith.