CSS or CS:GO which one you like ???????

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#1 Posted by dreamerdonkey (65 posts) -

Okay, tough choice. But still if you have to pick one of them which one will you choos:question:

#2 Posted by agooner (1 posts) -

I'd pick CS:GO, I've put a lot of hours into CS:S but I prefer GO now. Once you get used to the difference in feel it's great. All in all it's a better package, more balanced and has a higher skill cap.

#3 Posted by Daywalk3r7 (6 posts) -
Although I prefer CSS now, CS:GO could end up being really good in the long run. As it stands now CS:GO is just good, but I think Valve can make it amazing.
#4 Posted by dreamerdonkey (65 posts) -
What is CS:GO have that CSS don't. Can any one tell me that ??????
#5 Posted by Daywalk3r7 (6 posts) -
Aside from a few minor features and a slightly different feel, not much.
#6 Posted by Zhaoqx123 (1 posts) -
I like CS:GO moer.Because,It's easy to play it for a new player.And,there are more Server in China than CSS
#7 Posted by Jahffa (4 posts) -
Csgo. I can't compare because I haven't even bought CSS(or 1.6 lol). When it was released I was not interested about it because I played Enemy Territory :p. But yeah maybe I say csgo because of graphics then.... and lack of exprience
#8 Posted by MrShock8 (7 posts) -
I prefer CS:S, because CS:GO don't have that atmosphere like in CS:S.
#9 Posted by drekula2 (1928 posts) -

CSGO feels more like a remake than a standalone game which is disappointing.

#10 Posted by Ser_Charles (51 posts) -
neither of them