Counteract FREE fantasy battle mash-up.

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Found this when looking for a simple based fantasy card game for my PC. It's a little old school but I thought I'd send a shout out because I figured some like-minded people who enjoy these type of games might want to check it out. The game is called Counteract and the version I stumbled into can be found on this YouTube channel. At first I thought it was really complex. But it turns out to be a simple game of domination with game cards and a basic attribute system for each character. It also, has a lot of little games in as well called trials. The documentation explains a lot and the in-game tutorial is fully detailed(might be a little to much for some). But in the end it worked for me. The thing that got me was the battle system POV. But I adjusted real quick to it and I am now on campaign 15. The game board plays like a classic arcade game where you have to interact with objects on the game board as well. If you ever played the HTML based game card game called ELEMENTAL on the web or played Archon. You might like this. BTW, its for Windows XP,7 for sure and FREE(no gimmicks attached). I don't know about windows 8. I don't have 8. Here's some pictures as well to get a better idea of what I am talking about: