Countdown.... Fes?

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Anyone notice it? I just found out about it a few hours ago. Seems Atlus has got a countdown going.

And on a little advertisement over at IGN... the ad has the countdown with a partial picture of an obvious P3 image. Guess it's official... P3 Fes is to be released shortly....

Although... I'm not sure how to read the countdown. 004:15:hour:minutes:seconds:miliseconds.... 4 months 15 day? 4 weeks?

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Although... I'm not sure how to read the countdown. 004:15:hour:minutes:seconds:miliseconds.... 4 months 15 day? 4 weeks?Threesixtyci

Right now the count is at 4 days and 14 hours.

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4 days.... geez, 50 more bucks, already spent.

I see... added one too many places on my description, there.

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Though I am out of money this month, I am always willing to cut back on food.
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ok, i give. what's a fes?

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ok, i give. what's a fes?


Its an expansion on the original Persona 3 adding around 30 hours worth of quests and goodies.

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It's a bit more than an expansion.... it's closer to a remake. Like Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix or Final Fantasy X International... both of which never left Japan. Not the case with FES... it seems.

Seems, Atlus was listening to us fans that wanted the enhansed version of Persona 3. Also, explains why they didn't make any reprints of the collector's edition, even after being declared 'RPG of the Year' from a few sites.

...does but a monkey's wrench into those P3 Ebay bids, with their 75 dollar, "buy it now", option.

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ugghhhh i just bought P3 in august.....but this is still sweet
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hell yea, this is most definitely IT. it might as well be official -- the countdown timer is the exact same that we've seen in the prologue movie of Persona 3.
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*drumroll*......6......5......4......3......2......1......and, NOTHING!

Well, that was disappointing. The timer stopped and absolutely nothing happened, it now just displays the date and time at which the timer stopped.

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please check the official website again.
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Yeah, apparently Atlus made their timer set relative to each time zone, resulting in a confusing and anticlimactic countdown for people east of the US Pacific time zone. Here on the east coast, we got the update three hours after the timer had stopped.
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ok, i give. what's a fes?


This is Fez

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Yeah it looks like a great deal.
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Boys, let the preorders begin, just ordered mine!
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Don't worry because all the extras in FES aren't being included you basically just have to pay for the game and its only 30 dollars. You can preorder it on Gamestop already, just thought you guys should know. Dunno If I'll sell the game of P3 or not now and keep the box and extras to it. I mean no reason to have two copies of the same game I'm not that crazy of a fan/ collector as long as I have the game I'm happy.