Consoles in a laptop form factor.

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Right probably a bit mad.

I recently got a gaming laptop. The reason I bought a laptop and not a desktop (which would offer much better value for money) is that I am required to be able to move at a moments notice and I cant keep dragging a desktop around the place (A car is simply not an option. Too expensive to run where i live.). Wherever i move i may not have access to a TV. So the choice was either PC gaming on a laptop or no PC gaming. Gaming on the PS4, X1 and wiiu is also a non runner for me at the moment for the same reasons.

with the new consoles based on more mobile than desktop type hardware could it make sense for the console manufacturers to provide the X1 and PS4 in something thats easier to move around and has its own screen (i.e. a laptop) to compliment the form factor we have now?

I was looking at the cooling of the PS4 and a newer manufacturing process for the APU may be required to bring temps down but that will come. I am sure we will see a PS4 slim in a couple of years. They also wouldnt be able to get it into something slim like an would be a big laptop.

for convenience there would also need to make the PS4/X1 controller flatter so it could be stored in a compartment in the laptop chassis.

but a PS4, say, in a 17" laptop chassis with a nice 1080P screen for $700-800....any takers? I would certainly be very itnerested if its well executed. Maybe also provide a 15" option (still 1080P screen) for 650-750.

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Never gonna happen, unless Nintendo makes a new HD portable that can also plug into a TV. The next generation will probably just be a controller streaming to any display, smartphone or TV.

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so you can't get a TV or monitor because you can't move it? why not rent a moving truck or buy a smaller TV?

anyway, the console manufacturers will never make a laptop form factor. sony and nintendo both have handhelds out that would suffer (to that point, sony has a laptop line already) and microsoft has never shown any interest in taking the xbox out of the living room (nearly all gaming laptops run windows anyway).

i remember back in the days of the gcn/ps2/xbox that some third parties had monitors to attach to consoles on the go, but i'm not aware of any for current hardware (i haven't been looking though). i suspect that market has been grabbed by gaming laptops, tablets, and marketing handhelds as portable consoles.