console wars in the 90's video

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Yea that's a great one. James is awesome.
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this is a pretty funny video I found over the internet so i'd figure i had to share this one

ATTENTION: please be aware this does have cuss words in it here and there just to let u know


LOL, that was GREAT! That pretty much summed the 90's up with the exception of the handhelds and Neo-Geo fiasco. The kids these days don't know what it was like before the Internet made things so much easier to debate things. Oh God, I can remember everyone being fanboys down to the magazine! Endless debates about which version of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat ran better on either Sega or Nintendo... :P GOOD TIMES!

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Anyone remember the sega commercials where sega was an indy car and nintendo was a beatup piece of crap van? They would race and the sega indy car would blow it away. Lol I would kill to see that again.

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~-~*is sad cuz I was too young back then to know what the crap was going on... just had Nintendo*~-~
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Amusing but by his own admission he's a Nintendo fan boy.