Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Kane Edition english language pack???

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#1 Posted by moarmoarmoar (29 posts) -

Hi I've just bought C&C 3 Tiberium Wars Kane edition but the text is all chinese (but audio is english) and I want to change it to english, but don't know how.

I've already tried looking into the CD, starting the autorun menu and viewing the available languages but unfortunately there's only a chinese language pack. Reinstalling doesn't work either.

I tried looking for an English Language pack on the web but still no luck...
Also, I went on the EA website and it says I can download any free additional language packs from the "EA Link" (supposedly a downloader) but I cannot find how to download that too...

How pathetic, the EA website doesn't even provide a download link for their own free software...

Anyways, here are the two general questions:

-Where can I download an English language pack for the game?
-Where can I download EA Link?

Any help would be greatly appreciated I have looked and looked for an hour or two but still no luck.

#2 Posted by thusaha (14495 posts) -

Where did you buy the game?

#3 Posted by nilzg (753 posts) -

I think you'll have to take it back to the shop or wherever you bought it and buy it somewhere else. (I've never ever heard of game language packs tbh)

#4 Posted by moarmoarmoar (29 posts) -

Im currently in vacation in china, so therefore the game is chinese

#5 Posted by azelo (4 posts) -

i need english language pack to :S mine stuck on swedish and the shop wont take it back ang give me a english couse i used the cd key i looked at ea link and ea download manager but there is no english language pack plz help