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hi guys! i would like to ask if you could still remember the title of this PC game in which you will have to create traps that can be found from the environment itself. the game is in 2D and the environment is of 2-stage. the idea of the game is that you will create traps such as leaving a banana peel in the floor, setup fireworks, etc. the characters of the game are somewhat made of clay.

when the main character setup the trap and fooled the antagonist/enemy, the main character laughs. the only caution is you have to run away from the antagonist or you'll get beaten. the main idea of this game is you will have to create traps that you can find from the environment. the more and synchronous traps you made, the more points/combo you will get. as for the strategy, you will have to observe the movements/actions of the enemy and create traps that will fool him. such example is this:

Enemy - lie on the beach, eat food then walk

Strategy - main character will hide a crab under the sand, put a chili on the food and leave a banana peel on the ground

Result - enemy will be bitten by crab when he lied to the beach, enemy will be surprised that the food was too chilli,then the enamy will run in search of water but will be slipped away because of the banana peel on the ground

thank you in advance. i just couldn't remember the title. i've been looking to this game for a very long time. i played the demo of this game last 2001 and was compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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Do you guys know another game like that.I've been ply both the first an second neighborhood from hell and want more,have any suggestions??