CoD Loser calls SWAT on his beater

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such a pathetic loser, he loses a match and calls the SWAT on his beater. A new low for the CoD community

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Say that a xbox gamer did it and move it to the system wars board. Muhahahahah.

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Can't fix stupid sadly.

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@freedom01 said:


What is funny?

Anyways what a good proof that the FPS community is pretty much filled with kids and immature pricks who apparently think that wasting police resources and scaring half the neighbours is "fun" and deserves some kind of "Doggy creds"

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I hope that they catch this pathetic kid

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@freedom01: Gamespot already has an article about this. Just go there and click on the top comments.

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Didnt see that article,must have missed it

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not to mention it did cost taxpayers a 100k just for that

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A new low for the FPS community? Didn't know there could be one.

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Bizarre story. But wouldn't the guy have had to know the kid's phone number somehow? I don't know how this works otherwise or if I didn't read it carefully enough. But either someone the kid knows did this, or he gave out his phone number.

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@freedom01: this was featured on the website already, you just re-hashed it in an irrelevant forum... and beater is not the correct term...

@SoNin360 : He traced the kids IP address, almost anyone can do it these days. The internet will show you exactly how to do it. Not to mention the kid called the police via skype.

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This pisses me off because these stunts give video game haters on Fox News ammo to prove games make gamers stupid and violent

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i wish counter-strike would come on consoles but it wont since it's a valve franchise and theyre going to make steam box things. p.s. in my oppinion even though i like console gaming more, counter-strike is a game for pros and not cod losers who call swat.