CoD Ghost has finally jumped the shark

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Does anyone else agree that this new CoD game is probably the worst CoD game of the series? Here are my reasons why-

1.Lame campaign

2.Multiplayer maps was to big for a 6 vs 6 match, you have to play Ground war just so the maps do not feel so big.

3.Weapons are all insanely way OP

4.Horrible spawn system

5.The worst kill and support streaks

6.Squad points are stupid

7.Leveling up takes way to long.

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Another new user jumping on the boards just to moan about COD: Ghosts?

I know it was never going to be a great game, but at a certain point this just looks like reputation managment

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@dopehousex3 said:

Weapons are all insanely way OP

How can all weapons be overpowered? If all weapons were overpowered then the game would be perfectly balanced.