COD complaints.

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#1 Posted by magicalclick (23972 posts) -

Just watched the latest footage of COD and I get disappointed. Maybe it is just because it is still in development.

But why does the car feels like it is driving at 30 mph? And then, people start running back before they see the enemy jumps out. And then, when he finishes the first wave, the police appears magically behind the enemy line. I mean, wuuut, how to they get there so fast?

#2 Posted by jdc6305 (4031 posts) -

I started playing cod with cod4 and I've bought ever cod game since. Ghosts was just flat out horrible. I'm done buying cod games. Ever since infinity ward broke up after MW2 the series has just gotten worse and worse. Advanced warfare looks horrible. The guns look like toys that 12 year old would play with. So many new mechanics that just look rage inducing.