Cleaning A PS3 Disc

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One of my ps3 games (NHL08) always freezes and I dont know why? There are no scratches but for some reason it always freezes. NHL games always freeze after you've had them for a while for some strange reason and am wondering how can I efficiently clean A disc. I also hear that blu-ray discs are intensely scratchproof, I beleive theres a video on youtube of a guy scraping one with various things and it still works. If true, then why does this always freeze?

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Oil and dust don't seem to get along with blu-rays, so while there might not be scratches on the disc, it can still be too dirty to play. If you can, find a good scratch-free cloth like the ones they use for LCD screens and sunglasses. Those work great for cleaning blu-ray discs. I had the same problem with Uncharted.
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I know this IS the General Games discussion forum but you might have had a better outcome if you posted in the PS3 one.
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ok fine
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warm water on a paper towel has always worked for ps2 games and cds for me. i haven't had to clean a ps3 disc yet since im very careful.

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^ well I am too, the only time anybody ever even touches my discs is the transition from the box to the console, but yet for some reason here I am with a freezing game
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If you still have the receipt and have owned the game less than a month, you can take it back to where you bought it and exchange it for another copy of the same game.

Anyhow, I've never had to clean a disk because I always take good care of them (any time I take a game out of the console, I immediately put it back in its case).