Classic MMO you still play

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#1 Posted by kurtkumru (19 posts) -
A new MMORPG title comes out almost every month. there are just too many new MMORPGs nowadays that has great graphics but a very inane gameplay and poorly executed features that is just plainly sad. and im just wondering if any of you guys still play the classic mmorpgs like UO or EQ. It's just plain sad that most classic games are dying out yet it is very good that some still remains. One of the first MMO i played that is still open until today is Ragnarok Online. Last time i checked, there's this renewal update that i just can't get myself to like. Good thing that iRO offers a classic server and i'm currently playing there. I'm just curious if there is anybody here who still plays and prefer classic MMORPGs over the new ones.
#2 Posted by black_meg (53 posts) -
I like to play Diablo 2 sometimes. It's great.