Cars in GT5 you would like to see :)

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Hello everybody.

I played all the Gran Turismo games there were, and there were some cars and whole car brands that vanished throughout the years. I am playing GT5 since a week, and am glad that Ferrari and Lamborghini are now in the game, but if you could make a request for a DLC pack with a brand that wasn't in the game or did disappear what would you pick?? Well i for myself started my GT adventure with GT2 and there was one brand i liked there that vanished. Venturi!. I would like to see those cars in HD and there is something to see!. The 300 Atlantique and 400GT, than the electro cars Fetish and Volage. Would make great for some Standard and Premium cars don't you think?. What cars would you like to see? :)

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I would like to see more motorcycles and a few smart cars like mini series manufactured by BMW
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Yes smart Cars would be cool and motorcycles would made the game more allround than it is. I remember there was a ps2 motorcycles Gran Turismo called Tourist Trophy or something like that, but it was stiff as hell, and the delorean was cool in GT4, so Yes i would like it back with a tuning kit making it look like the one from "Back to the Future", i also would like some nice Special Premiums like The Batmobil, Kit from "Knight Rider"(old and new), and the cool Viper from the 90's series "Viper" but that's just dreams :)

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i think gt5 lacks only optimization, graphics of the car is not well polished, but i love the graphics in general. i hope GT6 will still be released on PS3. and still hoping that in-game graphics will be the same as the intro movie graphics.

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more more bikes of all kind..... because i love bikesssssssss.......................

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There are a lot of Mazda's, Toyota's, Chevy's, Ford's, Dodge, Subaru's, BMW's and others that haven't made it in any of the GT games so I'd like to see more. Both older and newer cars. Tons of concept cars through out the years would be something interesting to see added.

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Honda CIVIC SiR-II ,Volkswagen Polo,and Honda S2000 LM Race Car , excited about this game for the honda series cars in GT5
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All I want is the lamborghini Aventador J
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no bikes if u like ur bikes in games play midnight club bikes in gt will reck it
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The Koenigsegg's, I think there are about 11 of them total. And the Gumpert Apollo. And a premium Veyron - there are several models of that as well. And all the stuff made by Vector Motors - hell there are a ton of supercars out there.

And some classic Mustangs, like the Boss 429, Boss 302, Boss 351, the '69 and '70 Mach 1's, the new 2012 Boss 302, as well as the '65 and '66 models, the various Shelby's from '65 up through '70, etc.

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Perennial... so i can destroy every single one of those ugly no good slow as hell vechiles! I love to hate them :D

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Koenigsegg, more Bugatti`s, more Pagani`s and old rally cars.
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Wooho i wasn't here some time and i see the theme has expanded. I Also think there should be more old muscle cars, and i don't understand why some Brand's have dissapeared and some have not appeared. Venturi, Saab, SsangYong, Holden (especially the VXR8 Bathurst edition :) ). Of course some of them are buyable in the used cars shop but waiting for them to appear is a bit crazy.

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When will be GTA V premiere? Do you remember first GTA? I was so young when i was playing it :D
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I was like 10 or 11 when GTA came out and i played it on the PSX which i have till today. It's a shame i am kind of a Graphic maniac and after seeing GTAIII and so forth i can't return to the first one because my eyes are burning red

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It looks interesting :)
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the Delorean was available in Forza 4 and Driver: San Francisco. they are both authentic, which means it's as abominable as the real thing. (slow, bad handling slugbox, a pity since it's such a looker)
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Yea but i found the delorean in GT5 and it's also an authentic copy. I think it got into the "Back to the Future" Movie just because DMC paid for it. Another thing that is great about the game are the DLC's i think they sometimes overdoo it a little by putting an DLC with just one car or one track but in the bigger picture they can let the game live for a very long time, new events' new tracks, cars, maybe paint's like in the NFS Underground series and so on. Possibilities are unlimited!

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Wartburg classic. a truly nightmarish car. They should include that one for my nightmare to disappear.

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The Delorean is in the used car dealership.
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In short, Bugatti veyron SS, Pagani Huayra and the Reliant Robin
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We must have a game where you can customize the performance of the Delorean
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A few of Aston Martin's new offerings won't go amiss. Like One-77, V12 Vantage or even the new AM310 Vanquish
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All exotics and the latest LaFerrari