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out of all the new franchise vs franchise games, whene are we gonna have a new version Capcom vs SNK. It may seem kind of silly to talk about this because we already have plenty of games like this one. but in the days of PS2 it was one of my favorite fightnig game and i think it would be grate to have a new version of that game.


put andy bogard in that version and make the characters more three dimensional like in Marvel vs Capcom or Street Fighter X Tekken.

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I really hope for a sequel to the superb game Capcom vs SNK 2. One of the best crossovers ever, not only was it a well made game, but it was an epic rivalry to begin with as Capcom and SNK were the biggest rivals during the golden age of fighting games (friendly rivals by the staff as many worked for both companies but the top level executives hated each other).

Capcom vs SNK 3 please!!!!

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it truly was a great game.