Can anyone remember this game ?

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I remember one of the first games I ever played - I think it was called "Blood of might and magic", but it definitely had the word "blood". I opened it in DOS, it had good graphics for the time, and I will try to describe the gameplay a bit: - Your main "base" was basically a blue square on the ground. It summon a new (blue) golem-like unit every 5-10 seconds. - If you let the golems stand still, after a while they would transform into pyramids, and generate resources. If they were attacked, they would transform back into golems and defend. - You could upgrade the golems (once upgraded they wouldn't generate resources) - placing 4 golems in a special area would allow you to create a building. Then you could upgrade the golems near the building. - The enemy was identical to you, just that it was red, not blue. - I think you won when you killed all enemy units, and placed on of your units on the enemies base. Does anyone remember this game ? This was one of the games of my childhood, I was nicknamed "Blood" for a few years because of this game :) Any help would be greatly appreciated, haven't found it on gamespot, nor anywhere else. I really would like to re-play this game, but can't find it. Thanks. LE: I think I played it in 1997 or 1998
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Nevermind, I found the game. It's called "Blood & Magic", was released in 1996, and here's a video of the gameplay