CABAL on Steam?

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#1 Posted by Imst (13 posts) -
I have been discussing this with friends when we read about that it was officially available as a candidate on Steam Greenlight! Since, we use Steam to play DotA 2 and now if ever this MMORPG be available on Steam, we can just access it using our Steam account and what we have thought about was that new players will spawn on newbie towns which is great since the low level gears that we have can now be cycle around them. We have already voted for its availability, do you think the game deserve to be on Steam?
#2 Posted by Marirranya (48 posts) -

I do think that the game deserves to be on Steam, well it's about time already they should have planned it before but right now is still fine. Since they still have plans for the game in the near future. Even if they will release the sequel of the game anytime soon, they still give effort to make the game to have a better gameplay and more actions inside the game.