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[BIA] Brothers in Arms is an open community for all active PC players. PLATOONS Brothers in Arms (Almost full) Brothers in Arms II (Accepting members) Brothers in Arms (Members Only Platoon) Our community requires no monthly payments to join but survives on the kind donations of some members and regular players on our server. If you decide you would like to wear the Tag and become a member, you will be added to our server VIP LIST You will also get access to the members only section of our forums @ Donating Members will also get a Reserved Slot for the Month they donated for. If you do not wish to wear our Tag you can still get a reserved slot by making a donation on our homepage (minimum donation of £5 required for the current Month) If you have friends who you think would like to join us get them to apply TODAY! You can find our Classic Combat Server here:- This Server runs all Stock maps plus B2K Visit our Special Ops Server here :- This Server alternates between all the DLC map packs. Come and visit our Official Website to chat and discuss anything and join in our daily quiz.@ We like to squad up and have a laugh, after all its just a game. Grab your headset and join in the banter on our TS3 server:- PW brothers4life