Broken N64? Need help please!

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I suddenly got the urge to play my Nintendo 64 (it's been tucked away in a box for the last year), but when I start it up the console keeps restarting itself. Occasionally it plays for about a minute, but then restarts itself again over and over.

The restart button is fine and not stuck, and all the cables are working. It's doing this with every game I own, so it must be the console itself.

Has this happened to anyone before, and does anyone know how I can fix it?

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This has never happened to me before but I suggest that you blow into the part where the Ac adapter plugs into your N64. Hope this helped:)

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Sadly, my Nintendo 64 is starting to do the same thing to me. I was playing Harvest Moon 64 one day and I had just saved my game, so I was lucky, but I turned away for a moment and when I looked back my game had "reset" itself. Don't know what's caused it, or what causes it. Perhaps it just wears down from use over the years? Unsure, but it confused me because I take very good care of my consoles (not saying you don't, though). I read on a site that you might wanna clean it with a can of air, but that's only if you think it's dusty or something.
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let it R.I.P

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Well, you can probably buy another one for relatively cheap.

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what ever you do dont blow into the parts thats the worst thing you can do

what you should do is get some q-tips and some alcohol (91% alcohol should be on the bottle) use this kind cause it dries faster and clean all your cartreges then clean the slot

and if that still doesnt work take the thing apart put all the elecronic stuff insideplastic baggies andclean it out

heres a video

ok so its not a N64 but its still good enough

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you can mess things up with chemicals.

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Thanks for the help everyone :)

I read on a site that you might wanna clean it with a can of air, but that's only if you think it's dusty or something. SpaceAngelCyn
It's not very dusty (my PS3 attracts more dust and I clean it every few days!) but I think I'll have to try this. Nothing else has worked so far, but I'm going to borrow a friend's AC adapter next week to see if that's the problem. Failing that I'll just get another one after christmas.

SpaceAngelCyn, did you manage to fix yours?

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I haven't had quite the same problem but I had issues with an SNES taking a few seconds to start up and had creeping green lines. It was resolved by getting a new AC adapter. It's kind of a pain to get ahold of that stupid brick the N64 uses but is there a specialty shop you can get to that sells N64s? You could see if they'd mind trying one of their power supplies on your unit in-shop. That way if it doesn't help you're not stuck with a second power supply.

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I have had this happen on one of those ugly blue clear N64's, For me it was the entire AC assembly and once I swapped it with another it worked fine.
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um maybe the carts dirty , turok the dinosuar hunter kept doin that every time i started on level 5 ,

so i bought a cleanin kit, and it fixed the problem or your reset button is getting stuck