Borderlands 2 Tips and Tricks Part 1

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I officially have over 200 hours into this fantastically addictive game. I am still loving every minute of game-play and I am still finding new things. I have a lot of tricks and tips to being awesome at this game and acquiring the best weapons in a short amount of time with a normal amount of effort. Having an incredible memory really helps me get through each play-through very quickly, as my overall goal with every character is to get to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode 1 and acquire the rarest weapons at max level. The first mode has a level cap of 61, meaning the weapons on this mode are very powerful. Also, my goal is to obtain powerful legendaries and pearlescents that will make beating the legendary invincible bosses much easier to beat.

Now, getting through the first two playthroughs (normal and True Vault Hunter) should be relatively easy, especially if you’re playing co-op. I highly suggest staying on the story mission nonstop until your reach The Wildlife Preserve. Then, complete whatever side missions that are available to you before pursuing The Wildlife Preserve, like in Tundra Express with Tiny Tina and the Doc Mercy mission you get from Dr. Zed. These side missions are crucial to getting leveled up and obtain better weapons, as the Wildlife Preserve is the hardest area in my opinion. You may also obtain legendaries from side missions, though Doc Mercy’s drop is the infinity Pistol which is said to be the rarest gun in the game. If you truly want legendaries before you get to the Wildlife Preserve, I suggest farming in The Dust. In the Dust, you can run behind Ellie’s garage and search for The Red Queen who does not spawn very often, and you may have to save and quit and check again until she does. She will definitely drop rare loot no matter what your level is (blue, purple, or sometimes a legendary.)

The Wildlife Preserve is the place I’ve had the most luck with in farming and obtaining rare loot, because of the loot midgets you find in the room just around the corner from Bloodwing’s holding cell. DO NOT DO ANY SIDE MISSIONS HERE OR PICK UP MISSION ECHO RECORDERS! This stops the appearance of all 4 loot midgets in the boxes in the loot room, and hurts the chances of rare loot dropping for you. Now, before you get to the loot room right before Bloodwing’s holding cell to obtain the upgrade for Claptrap, you can either kill everything in the first section before finding Mordecai in the cave, or you can honestly just jump through it if you have a strong enough shield to absorb a couple hits. Though, the experience is highly beneficial if you haven’t reached your level cap of 50, 61, or 71 depending on what pack of BL2 you have. After meeting Mordecai and jumping off his tour/cave you will come to a Hyperion area with a closed door, hitting the button causes the mission to change so you have to injure 3 loaders before the door opens. After that, you can pretty much blaze past all the rest, jumping constantly to avoid already spawned enemies and keep more from spawning.

Now, when you’re in the loot room adjacent to a large holding cell with a large skag behind it, you will see 4 regular boxes to your left. There will be a blue mission echo recorder in one, do not pick that one up, ever. Just open one box at a time and equip slag and corrosive weapons to quickly kill the legendary loot midgets. They can come in different types, war loaders, architects, bandits, and jet loaders. Try to kill the jet loaders the quickest, so they don’t die somewhere and you can’t find their loot. Also, Jimmy Jenkins may appear who is known to drop legendaries and is a rare spawn, killing him will also give you an achievement. I have mostly gotten relics like “Heart of the Ancients”, “Blood of the Ancients”, and “Skin of the ancients” from these loot midgets. These relics are purple and have special bonuses that really help with fighting hard bosses like The Warrior, Terramorphous, and Pyro Pete. But, I have also acquired two Pearlescents from these loot midgets after a lot of farming. If you wish to farm these loot midgets, your game must have the area “Natural Selection Annex”, it makes farming these midgets an easier and less time consuming task. Just go into the Natural Selection Annex and save and quit the game, and you will spawn in there which is much faster than spawning at the beginning of the Wildlife Preserve.

When you want to complete the Bloodwing mission, there will also be a loot room right after that has 3 gun chests that may have some good purples in it, or if you're lucky, a legendary.

Tips- Become a loyal customer and get the first game if you don’t have it, and the 2nd game will detect the other save and give you some premium items like a relic that boosts Rare Loot Drops by 5%. I think it really helps.

This concludes this post. Have any questions?