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I've started playing Borderlands 2 and it is not at all what I was expecting. It was not portrayed as heavily RPG as it is. The aspects of the game are more reminiscient of a classic RPG, or even an MMORPG, than an FPS. The mission breakdown is basic fetch or building quests, the inventory management is extensive, and the customization is rich. I don't necessarily mind this, but the game just did not come off like that in the previews and ads. I think the richer-than-expected RPG elements actually lend itself more to an immersive experience that I can put long hours into.

Was anyone else surprised by the similarities of Borderlands 2 to an MMORPG style game?

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Obviously you did not play the first game because it's basically the same thing but better. A lot of the ads and stuff can't really show off the RPG elements. Sure they can show the skill trees but you have to watch some gameplay that isn't just snippets to see how the elemental chance and all that deeper RPG stuff works. Do a little more research before you buy a game. You might not be upset with your purchase this time but you maybe in the future. Recently purchased Sleeping Dogs after playing a rental and that was a big mistake. Way too short.