Blue Dragon or Infinite Undiscovery?

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Just picked these both up for $4 each. Which should I invest my time in first?
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This one
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Blue Dragon was the first RPG i played on 360 back in 06. I loved it, VERY challenging and I still own it. You can really **** yourself towards the end if you don't do things correctly. Awesome leveling system, characters, graphics, and the story is fine. It will take a long, long, long, time to find and complete it all. I stopped trying a few years ago. I sold back Infinite Undiscovery in like 2 wks. I did not like the way it forces you along a set path- kinda like FF13 or phantasy star or sacred 2.
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Lost Odyssey

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You can't compare infinite undiscovery to final fantasy 13.. the story of ff13 is compelling, beautiful and relevant to the world we live in and what is going on in our society today. Infinite undiscovery is total crap.