Black Ops 2 venting time

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I cant speak for 360 users, but i have a minor problem with the friend list i hate that it does not show you if a friend is in a match that is full i hate that it does not show if a friend is waiting in a multiplayer lobby or zombie lobby. sometimes i just like to join up with people but hate when it starts to load into zombies for me to just have to exit and load back into multiplayer anybody else want to vent? before the angry replies come in... i do love black ops 2 just hate a few things about the game. also, instead of making a new thread, any hardcore players out there? most of my clan likes playing normal but i cant stand it. add me, jackdaripaa
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My gamer tag is Bad Sauce Boss Like Zombies, but need more players.
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I play campaign and don't play online. This game is **** I don't want to swing on ropes and swing someone else on a rope. I want to shoot. That's it. I'm going back to Modern Warfare 2 and 3. Black Ops is total crap. I hate it and am glad it was a present instead of ME spending (and wasting) money to buy it.

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