Black Ops 2, unplayable multiplayer 50% of the time

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Anyone else having massive hit box and lagg issues with this game ? It's even worser than in MW3. Max ping green bar and bullets still don't hit anything and killcams shows compleatly diffrent gameplay too, i find myself shooting a guy 10 times yet in the killcam i didn't fire a single bullet at him.

this video pretty much talks about this issue, it really sucks since Black Ops 2 is the first COD in years i actully considred to be good thanks to the great SP and zombies mode but the MP somehow has more issues than the terrible MW3 game.

here's another video explaining the lagg compensation issue even more

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I agree with your comments. When I have yellow bars, its easy to kill three guys in a hallway, but with green, one maybe. What's that about?

Major problems with MP.

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im having issues..smfh but yeah who ever wants to make some youtube videos to help my channel and also yours.. i can send your gameplays to u guys i have a pvr and el gato!! my channel is and ... i def sub back and i actually watch the videos people upload and comment.. do the same i appreciate it and like i said can we makes some kick A$$ videos man !! my psn name is RiiCKyBACALOU406 n my xbox is RLLCKyBACALAO41 i have black ops 2 for both !!!
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I haven't tried this yet but most if not all youtube commentators claim that this trick works. When selecting a playlist go to search preferences. For pc we press s but i dont know what it is for consoles (I think its x for xbox and square for ps3). Change the option from normal to best. Every game you join should be without lag issues. Like I said I havent tried this yet but woody'sgamertag (youtube him if you don't know him) Claims that this completely fixes hit detection and lag issues. Hope this helps!
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I might be interested. My youtube is Petso123123. I play on PC. I'll sub you. :D
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I didn't find it too bad up until the recent update. Then it got consistently poor. The lag is horrible. Seems Treyarch is working on game mechanics and game modes as ppl complain some weapons are too strong. No they weren't, they just need to work on the lag, game is great otherwise.
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It's great to see videos demonstrating it. First it shows haters that it does exist and second it stops me from raging so much because I know that what I often experience isn't me sucking (although during bad lag compensation I do get progressively worse too and jumpy).

Here's my take on all of the tips that people have given and my outcomes (playing on Xbox):

- Opening ports/using QoS/DMZ: Opening ports Changes NAT to 'Open'. That is about all. Didn't really see an improvement. Adding Xbox to the DMZ made it worse.

- Choosing 'Best' search: Actually makes the games worse. Today I purposely used only 'Best' search and over 2hrs I got terrible games every time. If I understand 'lag compensation' correctly then it would defeat the object to be on a good connection because if you have a good ping you are penalised in favour of those who don't.

- Wireless/wired to router: Similar outcomes. Wired suffers less when other people are on Youtube/Facebook in the house but there isn't a huge benefit to being wired or wireless.

- Connecting directly to modem (removing the router from the equation completely): NAT is automatically open obviously... I do get less lag on a more consistent basis but it is still only 75% of the time. Again, it is much worse using 'Best' game types. Normal searches provide the best overall but it is still too poor to be considered fixed.

3arc really need to fix this as it is destroying people's experience. I can take it if maybe one game in 5 is a bit laggy but what I experienced today was complete overkill, getting owned and coming last in every game over a 2 hour period.

It's OK for kids and people who don't work but I have to work the 9-5 during the week so I only get to play for maybe 30mins-1hr during the day after work and a few hours at the weekends. When this free time is ruined by this rubbish lag comp system it makes me think I should just go back to single player games or try another game. Unfortunately when I am getting owned at a game through no fault of my own I do get bouts of rage and BOps2 has already (within 2 weeks) caused me to destroy a controller haha... all because of this lag rubbish. Some people punch a pillow but my automatic reaction is to throw my controller at the floor or sometimes the wall, which can be expensive! :D

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I play on PS3 i have had a few crashes loading into game and normally get a lag spike or 2 every other game. It sucks and I didnt have these issues with the original black ops. I am worried that this game will ruin my PS3
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