black hawk mines- A Game that can WoW you and the most subscribed MMORPG

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War of warcraft a.k.a WoW was first released on 2004; it has been the golden standard of MMORPG genre. At first players were discourage to play WoW because of its cartoony graphics but once you got to start playing this game you too will be hooked in the world of Azeroth. WoW appears to a large number of audiences because of the heavily quest driven progression system and simple game play. With over 10 million subscribers (12 million at peak) as of October 2012, World of Warcraft is currently the worlds most-subscribed MMORPG, and holds the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers. This game is beginner friendly yet can challenge an enthusiastic game going players. WoW brings them together in one massive online community. You will never get bored of the game, as you progress on the game, the game progresses with you. Even though you have played the game for a decade, there will be something new, something that will challenge you, always something to learn, and still plenty of fun. WoW had proven that to you for eight years now. The game is pretty much built on a more substantial foundation of lore built over many years that makes the game feel complete and give the player a reason and a purpose for every place, person, creature and quest. From the moment you start playing, it will drag you to keep on playing by its endless content, entertaining battles, thrilling adventures, and charming presentation. Maybe the thrill comes from the player as well, you have the power to choose your own pace and style of play. Whenever you feel like playing WoW, you will be able to find something new to do with it, and most definitely you will find yourself someplace else. Another best thing about the game is the world feels seamless and natural. Instead of trying to make everything as realistic as possible, the emphasis on style creates beauty without the perception of backwards graphics that most online RPGs entail. Plus, there are very, very few loading screens; that make the game easier to play. Perhaps the most definite words to describe the game are it is highly addictive. Well my advice is, do not play it unless u can withstand the addiction.
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We have the same experience that is why I want to leave a comment here so to the bashers of the game that will read this will consider playing it, I am sure you will love it too.
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How long did you play the game ? Judging by the contents of your post you haven`t been around in vanilla or otherwise you`d have grown tired of this game as it`s sole purpose now is to generate maximum income for greedy Activision and their puppets Blizzard. What you`re describing here has been long gone from the world of Azerorth as now you see nothing but poor attempts to keep the playerbase at a maximum peak as Blizzard is working on their next MMO. What they`ve done over the years was simplification and further simplification of the game mechanics to please the masses, but unfortunately that`s what happenes when players opinions do not matter anymore and watching your wallet swell is the only thing you care about. I remember immersive things like ability to learn opposing faction`s languages so for example as a Tauren you were able to learn the common language of Humans by departing on these series of quests of which every single one granted you an additional letter to the alphabet. Then, after learning these letters you could go and talk with the opposing faction. How cool was that ! In The Burning Crusade Expansion you had a complex system of achieving mounts e.g. Paladin Charger. In order to achieve that you had to go through a series of quests, visit different place, gather this and that and actually completing the quest felt enormously awarding. What do you have now ? Oh hey, every Paladin has the ability to summon the charger by default when reaching a specific level. In general, what it boils down to is, again, making the game as much approachable as possible, maximizing the playerbase, not paying attention to what other players have to say. Ghostcrawler himself said "we won`t let other players decide the game balance for us" and what result you have ? Nothing but a shadow of its former glory with game balancing totally out of hand and community raging all over the fora.