Best way to play the old FFs?

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Didnt much fancy FF when i was younger but i would like to play some of the early games in the series. Baring in mind i dont have a snes and would rather not play on my computer what do you think are the best releases of the older games e.g. for the GBA, PSP or DS - or just the original on VC.


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Well I have FF 1-9 downloaded on my PSP and it's a fine way to play them; to have access to all of them on-the-go just like that is great.

I will probably put them on my Vita when I open it, plus FFX HD is coming out for Vita too, so eventually I'll have 1-10 available. Admittedly, 1-4 are all the re-released versions rather than the 'original original' versions, but tbh they look fantastic and they play well so it's cool :P

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well, you can get most of them on the PS1 in one form or another, so thats an option.

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The patents for the NES and SNES both expired, so there have been a flood of legal, hybrid NES/SNES consoles that have flooded the market. That's only one of god knows how many different models. I've seen several different ones at games stores lately, and they're all dirt cheap.. I recommend buying one of these and then getting the original games off of eBay. Final Fantasy 3 (6) on the SNES is a good example of why I recommend doing it this way. I bought the GBA version, but the dialog was completely changed. The emotion from the original dialog was gone in favor of a more clinical dialog that simply states the facts...
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well, you can get most of them on the PS1 in one form or another, so thats an option.

True.. I have the PS1 version of FF5 and 6. FF6 is my favorite FF, FF7 being my second favorite. FF8 is good too, but I didn't like the magic stealing system that was adopted in favor of potions...
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so no ones vouchs for the 3D DS versions

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Final Fantasy III (Pretty sure it's the same on PSP, but I played on DS and it's good) Final Fantasy IV (PSP, might as well all the bonus content with the Complete version) Final Fantasy V (GBA is the best version, but PS1/PSP is fine also) Final Fantasy VI (Wii or GBA)

so no ones vouchs for the 3D DS versions

It's fine as well but Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection on the PSP has more content and looks better(imo).
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ps1 verisons are the most economic way to go, you can get origins/anthology/chronicles for about ten bucks each. ff3 wasn't released on ps1 but they recently ported it to psp. at the moment 1-9 are avalible to buy/play on psp/vita.
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I really like the anniversary reissues on PSP & DS. Portable, FF, anywhere, anytime. What more do you need?