Best split screen shooting game?

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Hello. Many years ago my brother and I played Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 and loved it. We mainly liked the two person splitscreen ability to compete in head-to-head death matches. I just bought a Wii assuming that today's games must offer the same kind of fun with much better graphics, and am a little disappointed.

I understand that gaming has changed, people go online now, etc., and these sorts of splitscreen games aren't the fashion anymore. That said, can someone please tell me -- if I want to play that kind of game again, is there anything I can get for the Wii? I have Medal of Honor 2, Metroid 3, Resident Evil 4, and none of them seems to have a two-player mode. Is Goldeneye the best there is? (I can look for my old Nintendo 64 in storage). What about Halo, which I've never played? Should I get an original Xbox? Will the Xbox 360 and newer versions of Halo also offer splitscreen death matches?

I'm really looking for a very particular gaming experience, and would love advice on what games/platforms still offer it.


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the xbox has Perfect Dark Zero. 2(or 4) human players and 13 AI bots!
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Yeah, I think Halo might be your best bet, but there are many others, mainly from last generation. This generation of shooters tend to put their focus online. An original Xbox would be the perfect system for these types of games.
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My suggestion would be to buy the timesplitters games for gamecube. They are very similar to Goldeneye and have extensive splitscreen modes. Alot of newer shooters are straying away from splitscree which I agree is stupid. I'm not sure if there really is a Wii shooter with splitscreen but definitely check out those gamecube games! I think they were actually made by the same people that brought Goldeneye?
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Red Steel for the Wii has split screen multi-player, no co-op if your looking for that, but death matches and the like. However, if you have been spoiled by MoHH2 and MP3's wonderful controls Red Steel will feel like a step backwards... the controls are not bad as they are weird but once you get used to them everything is fine.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Can we narrow it down conclusively to one game/platform? I'll go look at Red Steel, but if Halo is still widely considered the best of these types of games, I'll buy that. I'm not really a very varied gamer. I just want to get the best splitscreen multiperson deathmatch shooting game, and figured members here would know much more than I do about what's out there.

So, to make it simple, is Halo 1 on the original XBox the best choice today? If there's something better, can you say why it's better?

Thanks again.

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One more thought. I already have Nintendo 64, and Perfect Dark comes in an N64 version. Maybe I should just get that and stick with PD and Goldeneye? Or is Halo 1 so much better that it's worth buying an Xbox for?
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PD is my favorite FPS still today... I could play multi-player on it far longer than Halo or COD4 or something. But really, Halo may be a better choice for you but I have honestly not played it a lot. I am sure someone else could tell you.
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One more thought. I already have Nintendo 64, and Perfect Dark comes in an N64 version. Maybe I should just get that and stick with PD and Goldeneye? Or is Halo 1 so much better that it's worth buying an Xbox for?ajb224
I think I can help you out because I'm exactly the same. I love splitscreen shooters with friends.

The Timesplitters series are the best/closest thing that you'll get to Goldeneye and Perfect Dark splitscreen action. Halo is a great game, but splitscreen is limited because there are no bots... and two player deathmatch can get really boring really quick without bots. As such, the best Halo has to offer is cooperative play of the main story. It really is excellent as far as that goes, but personally I've never found the blood pumping and laughs from co-op that I get from versus play. Also, the gameplay in Halo is very slow compared to Timesplitters. It's like moving through molasses by comparison.

Timesplitters 2 and 3 are available on Gamecube and that means that they'll play on your Wii if you buy a couple gamecube controllers for it. The games were developed by Free-Radical Design which was founded by several members of the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark crew back when Rare was with Nintendo. You'll see many similarities, but the games are faster and with much improved framerates. Timesplitters are cartoonish in style and many of the characters are designed entirely with humor in mind. There are hundreds of playable characters in the games and many multiplayer game modes as well as a level editor. Really, the replay value of Timesplitters can't be topped. (Personally I have a preference for Timesplitters 2 because it runs faster than TS3, but both are great games.)

btw: If you never played the original Perfect Dark on N64, you really owe it to yourself to pick it up.

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This was very helpful. I've just bought a used copy of Timesplitters 2 for Gamecube (I already have the Gamecube controllers, actually), and if I can find my N64, I'll pick up a Perfect Dark as well just to check it out. Thanks again.
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my friend has an xbox 360. call of duty waw is much better on the 360. it has split screen co-op and deathmatches. both the versions on it and wii have the full online experience, though. i have the wii (in fact im on it now) and the wii CoD WaW controls, in my opinion are better cause it is more acurate and the gun points right where u want it. on the wii, if you want a great interactive shooter, get dead space: extraction this september! (rated M)
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Timesplitters 2, Twisted Metal Black co op
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Left 4 Dead has really good split-screen Co-Op. Me and my friend blazed through the whole game one night.

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TimeSplitters. All the way. You can pick up the 2nd and 3rd games for around 18 bucks total. The first is 3 bucks but it's a PS2 exclusive. There's over 250 playable characters between 2 and 3, and there will never be a better video game series than TimeSplitters.
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This generation, Halo:Reach offers the best in split-screen co-op and versus. GRAW 2 is also pretty fun co-op. You can play up to four-player co-op which is pretty sweet.

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