Best RPG's on 3DS?

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Already came out, or to be released in 2012. the best i can think of so far is tales of the abyss
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There are barely any RPGs on the 3DS at the moment. Tales of the Abyss is the only one I've really taken note of. Unchained Blades is being localized though :D
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Yeah there really are hardly any to choose from at the moment. Uuuuh Theatrhythm? Haha.

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You may want to check out SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked...

Unfortunately there aren't very many other RPGs available on the 3DS yet. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy looks promising, but it is being released in Japan in October and a North American release date hasn't been announced yet. Fire Emblem Awakening is coming to North America, but not until 2013.