Best place to train in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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my team is:

Pinsir - level 18

Raichu - level 28

Mankey - level 25

Wartortle - level 28

Pidgeotto - level 29

Kadabra - level 34

My next gym is Fuschia City and I'm really underleveled. Where's a good place to train my Pinsir higher and the rest of my team to level 40?

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No need to bump in this board. If your next gym is Fuschia, you have a lot of places unlocked. Did you defeat all the trainers in Route 15, 14, 13, 12, 8, and Cycling Road? And if you have Vs Seeker, use that.
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Use the Vs. Seeker along Cycling Road and to the right of Fuschia City.