Best place to sell games?

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#1 Posted by scass319 (480 posts) -
Hey guys, I am selling all of my games except for my sports titles because those are the only ones I ever touch anymore. I was wondering where the best place would be to sell these games to. I'm not going to sell them online because a) I don't have an ebay account and i'd have to go through all the trouble of asking my aunt to put all these games up, plus I'm not even guarenteed people will buy the games for my asking price and b) I just want to get as much game credit as I can so I can put my preorder down on MLB 09 The Show. So, I know that Gamestop and those places kind of rip you off, but is that really the only other place to go besides using the internet? Or do places like Blockbuster buy games from you for more?
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the best place in all honest is gamestop but they do rip you off, otherwise you have to kind of hunt to see if your games sell well in other places. If i were you, just sell them on amazon/ebay/craigslist

but a better idea, just keep your games, trust me its oftened better to just keep your games and wait till you have money to buy new ones. you can always rent too...

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Before gamestop, I'd try Craigslist since there are no fees and you might get someone who lives in your area to bite. But since you don't like selling things online, I guess gamestop would be your best bet...make sure you look to see if they're having any trade-in deals to add 10%, 20%, etc to whatever you trade-in.
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ebay, i'd say, if you're willing to not be lazy and do the shipping.
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eBay, unless you're a kid and have uptight/paranoid parents.