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Hey guys, i need ur help to choose best mmorpg game to play! cuz i don't really have time to test every single game! just tell me about best mmo rpg! right now!. use to play wow but i stopped (dont like the graphic). I like aion & ....i heard guildwars 2 is a good one! but whats ur suggestion! just no pay to win games (if u know what i mean)

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Guild Wars 2

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FF14 is nice

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World of Warcraft

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Gotta say, even though it's approaching 15 years old now, Ragnarok Online is, was, and will continue to be one of the best MMORPG's available. It's kind of like World of Warcraft, except with 3D backgrounds and 2D anime style characters. The cool thing is though, there's an absolute shit ton of stuff to do, including crating, sidequests, guild wars, PvP, tame pets, etc. The amount of stuff you can do is staggering. And you get to do it all in an absolutely gigantic world filled with an assortment of funny and at times bizarre creatures. The best part is, it's free, and there are dozens of private servers you can log on to also, which offer enhanced item drop rates, special features, etc. Overall, the game is superb, and you'll find it's one of the few games where people actually want to cooperate, trade, and fight together. Try it and I'm sure you'll like it.

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Love GW2, and FF14: A Realm Reborn. WoW is an obvious choice as well although I didn't play too much of it.