Best medieval fantasy game universe?

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#1 Posted by funkyboy1989 (157 posts) -

I'd like to know what you guys think the best fantasy game universe is

I mean by best, not the genre or gameplay, but how immersive the storyline it is!


games I can think of:


Might and Magic//Heroes of MM - Dark Messiah of MM

Ultima universe

Dark Age of Camelot universe

Dungeon and Dragons universe

The Elder Scrolls universe//up to TES4 Oblivion

Titan Quest universe

Dungeon Siege universe

Neverwinter Nights universe

Everquest universe

Warhammer universe

Warcraft universe//up to WotLK

Diablo universe


Baldur's Gate

some Final Fantasy?

Zelda? lol

#2 Posted by Mr_Sesshomaru (1790 posts) -

From the looks of it, the world Nave from Mortal Online will be the most interesting to me. But it's a little early to say.

#3 Posted by chadwick1343 (940 posts) -
Dragon Quest VIII
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Theres some more such as Drakensang but yeh those are the best, NWN and baldurs gate are part of D&D. To be honest D&D pretty much kills everything because its been going for so damn and has so much lore and numrous titles based on it. You got your MMO fantasy worlds such as WoW and Everquest and Guild Wars and whatever else, you have Elder Scrolls which is like an MMO but offline single player, FF being a JRPG that is based in numerous worlds Ivalice and Spira being some of them. Might and Magic has been going a long time don't know if they are gonna make anymore. You got the hack n slash RPGs Titan Quest, Diablo, Dungeon siege, The Witcher is another one with a very well made fantasy theme. Zelda's Hyrule was well made and changes throughout the series and the rest are...well play for yourself.
#5 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4322 posts) -

Oblivion hands down. But Dragon Quest VIII close second and Final Fantasy XIII a close third :)

#6 Posted by stike22 (3401 posts) -
I would say Elders Scrolls has the best fantasy world as well, I just feel its well done.
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Valendia where the vagrant story takes place.
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ohh I didnt know that games like NwN and baldur' are part of DnD ;P actually I dont know much about fantasy games as well as DnD series but i jus know its one of well known fantasy franchises. so I am going to choose what fantasy games to play based on your opinion and suggestion, thanks! I should try the witcher. and yah I agree with you about TES series, I really enjoyed playin Morrowind and Oblivion but havent tried dos games before that....
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Forgotten Realms - BG1&2, ID 1&2, NeverWinter Nights 1&2

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I've not played it, but Demon's Souls for PS3 looks like it has that sort of medieval setting. Lots of knights and dragons.
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Elder Scrolls for sure.
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Some people are picking Oblivion? Really? I thought it was the most generic thing imaginable. I'm not sure how you can live in a world that has something with depth and life like Tolkein and pick the sheer blandness of Oblivion. I never understood the fascination of with that game. I really liked stepped Twilight Princess' world. Most of the Final Fantasy games would be good candidates, but they're usually a strange sort of fantasy/sci-fi hybrid, so I'm not sure if it's strictly a medieval setting...
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I would say Elders Scrolls has the best fantasy world as well, I just feel its well done.stike22
i secound that